The Importance of Believing in What We do not See


Believe in what we can not see has always been a challenge to the human nervous system, which is determined to show that what it is detected with the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell is the total reality of what exists. But nothing is further from a logical and objective reality.

The total reality is an infinite number of sense impressions and our brain and nervous system are far from having such power of perception and although we can filter a lot of information both consciously and subconsciously, it is still a very simple approach to the myriad of information and interacting elements in the universe both in time and in space.

Believing in what is unseen is not a dreamer, fanatic, naive, ignorant or fetishistic Read more

Network Leverage vs. Academic leverage

When it comes to producing economic results in record time people use different means seeking economic or financial leverage to move up their average revenue.

The economic leverage by definition is to find the financial means to accelerate and maximize the production of income from a business or individual.

Companies usually do it through leverage of debt with the banking sector borrowing for investing in projects to produce profits in the short, medium and long term.

Certainly that this type of leverage that is done across debt by the banking is not available for the common persons who scarcely manage to survive and to attend their personal and familiar obligations often in increasing ascent.

To apply for bank loans involving large sums any person or company must Read more

The Price of Success

The Price of Success

We defined success over several articles such as “the progressive realization of a dream or a goal that is worth,” meaning that while there is steady progress towards achieving something, it is successful. This definition implies a continuous movement in a process of continuous improvement that leads to a specific goal.

But once you achieve the proposed objective you should pursue a new motivation and a new process to run successfully to develop a new dream. This vision of the success proposed and used by big millionaires who have developed very successful business in different professions and human fields of action, particularly for the great businessman of the direct sale multilevel marketer Dexter R. Yager S. who was his first bidder and who has influenced to million lives in the whole world, contrasts Read more

Uncertainty Management for Success

Uncertainty Management for Success

The uncertainty forms a part of the human life of a habitual way because we have a limited radius of action, and our mental and physical capacities also it are.

To understand the topic of the uncertainty and his influence in the life of the human being we must send ourselves to exposed in previous articles where we said that according to studies done in USA it is known that  the conscious part of human being, that is to say that one that across five senses: sight, ear, taste, smell and tact catches the stimuli of the way. But that nevertheless only has the aptitude to attend or process seven variables or chunks of information at the same time.

Which means that at any given time can only serve a maximum of seven simultaneous events that are happening around us. How when driving a car, that while talking to someone, you hear music, etc. Read more

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

The vast majority of people in this world want to have success and access to opportunities to progress in life, personal, family and social and especially in the economic field. However the use or waste of opportunities is an exciting fact for some, but tragic and disastrous for others.

Unfortunately for many opportunities in different fields of human and economic action go unnoticed and if they present, the vast majority of them do it in a way that is only visible to those whose minds are trained and prepared to recognize.

The opportunities are not normally the way you expect or desire, or according to our rules and require training and mental effort to recognize and seize them, and not waste them.Additionally always have a share of risk involved and so many people let them go even if they recognize them, because they are afraid to face uncertainty and not having control Read more

The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

One of the most important and complex issues that have human development is to provide efficient and effective methods for handling the errors of the past, those who make a person at different times throughout his life.

Many people are mentally and emotionally blocked for various situations in his past in which intentionally or unintentionally made mistakes and acted as not expected. Whether for a group that waited another result, for another person or themselves.

The situations that lead to this conflict can range from the most diverse classes as a disappointment in love, an academic frustration, loss of opportunities for advancement, have spent much time trying to help someone who did not let, the loss of a business, not being able to help someone in need, etc. Read more

The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

The intention is defined as a firm and lasting purpose of anyone who is looking for a specific goal.

The power of intention is the direct cause of an event coordination in time and space or favorable towards achieving a specific goal.

For most people this is an unconscious process which is not given more attention, because as it is something that can not be quantified or measured palpably not understood and is forgotten, although we sense, as not all process achieving goals or objectives carries a developing pattern of similar events.

This authority is necessary to develop less rigid and more creative brain, like those found in the right hemisphere that is the core of creativity, transcendence, intuition and spatial reasoning.

The traditional educational system is focused mainly on developing a critical Read more