Key Tools to Manage the Crises

Key Tools to Manage the Crisis

The crises are critical moments of tension and transition that affect the parts: spiritual, mental, emotional and physics of every human being and they happen principally because a problem appears for which is not prepared itself in these four areas. And it is in these moments where the crises show his sharper face, stopping to see often by means of painful and radical tests the need to change the paradigms or conscious and unconscious models that we all have.

The crises affect the life of every man of varied ways: from a change of work or of mentality to work since it happens to an employee who meets forced by means of the need to change economic activity and to begin an own business, as well as to finish a sentimental relation that one believed good but that was more the Read more

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Discipline is defined as the mental, emotional and physical capacity to fulfill a particular goal or objective. And it is in itself a guarantee of human conquest of all goals.

Every day we are led in ordinary or extraordinary circumstances where discipline is required and testing us to maintain a standard of living or overcome, and meet the personal demands, work, family and social.

The discipline is inculcated and taught to humans from their earliest years. Usually this has to do with getting up in the early hours of the morning, bathing, dressing, eating and going to meet academic activities for a number of hours, come home eat and advance academic duties.

This routine that can last 14 years or more, is the first method that teaches Read more