The New Concept of Business in the Information Age

Negocios en la Era de la Información

Businesses in general have experienced a radical change in the age of information mainly due to the unprecedented expansion of the global information network Internet that has broken boundaries literally everywhere and approached cultures and societies as never before in the history of mankind.

This expansion has had enormous consequences in: businesses, technological development, education, culture, recreation, social relationships, etc. We can say without doubt that thanks to this technological breakthrough the Internet and the use of computers and increasingly sophisticated and powerful communications equipments, the world becomes one virtual society in the Information Age.

Recalling that the Information Age officially starts in the early nineties of the Read more

Uncertainty Management for Success

Uncertainty Management for Success

The uncertainty forms a part of the human life of a habitual way because we have a limited radius of action, and our mental and physical capacities also it are.

To understand the topic of the uncertainty and his influence in the life of the human being we must send ourselves to exposed in previous articles where we said that according to studies done in USA it is known that  the conscious part of human being, that is to say that one that across five senses: sight, ear, taste, smell and tact catches the stimuli of the way. But that nevertheless only has the aptitude to attend or process seven variables or chunks of information at the same time.

Which means that at any given time can only serve a maximum of seven simultaneous events that are happening around us. How when driving a car, that while talking to someone, you hear music, etc. Read more

The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

The intention is defined as a firm and lasting purpose of anyone who is looking for a specific goal.

The power of intention is the direct cause of an event coordination in time and space or favorable towards achieving a specific goal.

For most people this is an unconscious process which is not given more attention, because as it is something that can not be quantified or measured palpably not understood and is forgotten, although we sense, as not all process achieving goals or objectives carries a developing pattern of similar events.

This authority is necessary to develop less rigid and more creative brain, like those found in the right hemisphere that is the core of creativity, transcendence, intuition and spatial reasoning.

The traditional educational system is focused mainly on developing a critical Read more