Techniques for Developing and Sanitize Self Esteem

Techniques for Developing and Sanitize Self-Esteem

Self esteem plays a fundamental role in determining the life of every human being. And many of the thoughts and daily actions that we have and do are a reflection of it.

It might think that self esteem is merely an opinion you have of yourself, but the overall concept goes far beyond any mental concept one has of one’s own worth. It has to do necessarily with the development of the four areas of human influence: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Self esteem is primarily a dynamic concept and self-worth that is sustained in these four areas of support which runs our daily lives. And it cannot circumscribe a merely self mentally and/or emotionally concept.
Self esteem is also a process for the most unconscious because the impressions that conditions it comes from childhood to the age that one have and the present shares in many cases are affected by this large reservoir of memories and experiences.

For the western world it associates very much to self-esteem with the achievement of goals and the competitiveness. And though certainly this one is an indicator of the personal development, self-esteem is not limited to obtain results, rather these do part of it, in the measure in which a person who has a healthy self esteem knows of his inestimable value as a created marvel that works of extraordinary form in four basic areas of the existence: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, though the physical senses only could feel a very small part of the whole set.

The development of a healthy self-esteem on the other hand does not seek to impose to others with the gifts that one have, as there are many who believe that the arrogance, pride and self reliance are a great indicator of self esteem. But psychological studies have tested on patients seen as test models that these “qualities” are on the contrary a great indicator of low self esteem that a person has and the great frustration that means trying to impose one or more own criteria.

Therefore if one is conscious of possessing a skill, the best effect is to share it for others so that they can find inspiration and they can change and improve, not imposing it, as the needs and ways of thinking of every human being are separate and different.

In the modern world where there is a constant barrage of information and much of it is very negative and harmful to self esteem, as they manage and manipulate the media in particular: TV, radio and press, seek to create a way directly or indirectly in the public viewer, listener or reader a dread generalized towards the development of a promissory future since the news, the dramas and the conflicts between human beings are the permanent topics of day after day that get out of focus the persons in constructing and having the hope of a company in peace and harmony, and in his place they do that the persons they isolate and distrust everything to be protected from the assaults that can happen fictitious or royal.

Also exists from the persons addicted to the mass media as the TV, the radio and the press an exagerate worship and a waste of the emotional part directed to be captivated by the gifts and foreign qualities as: the big sportsmen, singers, stars of cinema, scientists, etc. While the fanatic forgets to extract and value his own talents and qualities and therefore living at the expense of the foreign ones, turning out to be this in one very low self esteem of their part.

Due to constant exposure of people to information and negative emotions by the effect of the media and many harmful environments to which the person is exposed or is subjected to frequent  information such as kidnappings, bombings, economic losses , frauds, accidents, etc.. and negative emotions such as hatred, anger, revenge, jealousy, anger, etc.., to develop self esteem the person needs to take daily a method of recycling, cleaning and inspection of the environments and agents that disseminate and promote negative information.

First we say that one of the most important exercises to develop a healthy self esteem is to balance the mind with emotions. As the mental domain directs and manages emotions to prevent them spill over and harm.

We see this clearly in the case of children and young people that easily unleash all their emotions to find sometimes many hard lessons of life to be learned that teaches them at force of circumstances to think how to do things the next time. But incredibly the same process goes for many adults that not mature their mind at the same time of their emotions and act without thinking refusing to take control of their life.

Self esteem as a dynamic process that is involves four vital areas of ​​influence we have shown in humans and this is seriously affected from the early years when children are victims of: sexual abuse, neglect, psychological and physical violence, economic exploitation, lack of support and love, or live in households where psychological and physical violence between parents is the painful spectacle of every day.

As a result there are resentful and sick adults will replicate the hatred and resentment suffered for years at home with themselves and society, so it is common to see the actions of members of criminal gangs and criminals and armed groups outside the law.

And in another plane there is the intolerance of the common citizens who to the minor mistake or provocation of any person in his daily life react with such aggressiveness and psychological or physical violence that they are capable of committing any abuse equal or similar abuse they have experienced.

Precisely in this role plays a lack of resolution of all the conflicts that come from childhood and the rejection of a past that becomes a painful and permanent psychological present stifling the right of every human being to live a new and different life.

In the case of a young or an average adult’s self-esteem is often affected by disturbing events as: the denial of opportunities, rejections and disappointments.

When a person has not solved its new or old personal conflicts due to their bad experiences and suffered mental and emotional programming usually opt for easy ways to try to distract and avoid dealing with his past and enter the world of vice: alcoholism, prostitution , promiscuity, smoking or drug abuse.

Others more aggressives and disturbed  will take the fatal decision of becoming: criminals, murderers, rapists, sexual aberrated, scams or suicide.

And other less decided eventually leave and avoid people, turning then their family life, and community on a highly conflict and painful relationship.

Our society today more than ever need to heal their inner wounds and apply forgiveness in each member that integrate it. First view of the past that everyone has had and after on the effects that has this unresolved past in anger and resentment that can cause damage to small or large scale in different social classes.

Nowadays out of the easy exits like the vices, the corruption and the perversion, some sectors of the modern world  offer a supposed development of the self steem by means of the economic success and the material achievements, as a tranquilizer, distracting or a tool to forget a painful past. Nevertheless it is more that demonstrated that the effect of adding comforts, money and material goods to a person who has an ill-treated, aggrieved and sick self steem produces an intensive catastrophe that leads to being much worse to since it was begun or at worst to direct the steps of the life to a total collapse.

it cannot begin to compose a wound with a fragile self esteem with the escapism of the vices and the trappings of a consumer society. It is necessary to attack the root problem and accept the mistakes made by oneself and other people and situations that were experienced with these people, accidents or places, but not to stay in the conflict and suffering but to prevent a war inside trying to change events that do not occur on a physical level but in a sick and addictive memory.

The following are some practical guidelines to clean up and develop good self-esteem:

  • The past is part of the memory and although we cannot change the events, certainly we can change their interpretation. So if you were a victim of one or more abuses of people, use the following statement aloud or mentally and at least once daily and twenty days derived from eastern science to counter the negative force of these memories: “I am perfect just I am, everything happens in my life for my ultimate good I am loved and I am love”.
  • Strengthen your spiritual part and began a rapprochement with your creative being. The source of perfect love is on that vital communication that should continue throughout your life. Regularly attend your church and become part of your church community.
  • All this love that you did not receive or everything that was rejected by other persons, deliver it to needy persons: children, elderly or incapacitated. You will surprise the revitalizing effect that this practice generates in your life.
  • Strengthen your mental part through a new diet of winning thoughts and ideas. The regret to what happened becomes a very heavy burden that leads nowhere but to paralysis and wasting time and health that happen and do not recover.
  • Read fifteen to twenty minutes a day of improvement and self help books that encourage you to be a better human being.
  • Depart from violent environments, depressive, false, vicious and idle. Also people who are engaged in such behavior and have no desire to change.
  • Control your access to the media at least a third of what you usually do. In the TV do not expose frequently to sensationalist news and sensational melodramas in novels, radio depressive and melancholic music and reading the press news of murders, kidnappings, economic depressions, attacks, attacks, etc.. This does not mean that you’re isolated from the world. But in your mind to graft a new focus to the desire of information that builds life and progress. And not that depresses and paralyzes.
  • Associate with people who have a healthy living standard. Bad companies that induce to: vices, leisure, aggressiveness, indiscipline and stagnation staff are excellent to end self esteem.
  • If you have never planned your life with base in reaching goals, begin just now with the help of one of our recommended resources. The goals well chosen and put in execution have an energetic mental, emotional  and enormous physicist power who will allow you to overcome your own barriers and to come to where you never thought to be.
  • Strengthen your emotional and physical parts of your life integrating new emotional experiences to counter and change the interpretation and effect of past bad experiences. This is highly recommended to start with a routine of daily physical activity, whether walking for twenty minutes or half an hour, running, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • As we have said in other articles exercise causes the release of Beta Endorphins that are the natural hormones of welfare , joy, happiness and optimism. In contrast, the sedentary lifestyle is a lousy tool to improve self esteem. Besides of producing organic level disaster is a great catalyst of depression and low self esteem.
  • The partnership with children and pets also provides an excellent tool to deliver the best of you and emotionally purge the effect of rejections and conflicts experienced in the past with adults.
  • The nature especially when in contact with all its elements: trees, air, water, wind, smells, etc.., has a phenomenal energy to recharge power for positive moods producing long lasting. Thus frequent a natural haunts at least once in the month.
  • Practice quieting the mind at least three times a week doing meditation and breathing exercises.
  • If you have the opportunity to experience new and exciting experiences with different people about you lived on painful situations, this will be an excellent tool to change the interpretation of the memories that happened and improve your self esteem.
  • To develop a good self esteem is essential to practice forgiveness and forget the bad experiences. For this use all the suggestions above and one of our recommended resources that will help you very effectively on the application of this basic principle to progress and grow your self esteem.

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