The Good Purposes and Desires vs. The Mental Programming

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There is a huge discrepancy between what many people want and what they actually get. And this is based between the conflict that arises between their good intentions, desires and the mental programming they have.

Any time of year shows this in a more telling way as the passing of the old year to the new year on December 31 where many people get fantastic illusions with new purpose and desire for change, but with a mental programming that is far to support these illusions and life changing.

From promises of exercise, diet, get a date, leave a vice or bad habit, get a better job, more money, travel, wedding, etc., and this emotional impulse is sponsors with grapes, good food, liquor, charms, omens and fetishism and the excitement of the Christmas and New Year that do not last long and within one or two months a large majority of people land raw and painfully into a monotonous reality to which they are accustomed every day, leaving the fantastic new year´s wishes to wait another December and relive of illusions.

Keep in mind that the problem is not the illusions, because in fact they are the starting point of any change of life. However there is a hidden enemy in our subconscious mind that according to the programming of years it has received in acts, repeated thoughts and emotions especially those who do not like most, are the ones who make the final decision and force early to finish any good purpose or desire to change a life that not like or not satisfy but which it is accustomed to.

Take for example the case of a common desire to end the year and starting to have a new fitness, lose a few kilograms and get a healthy and slim figure. Whereupon the first days of January and February partly the person motivated by promises of December comes out and exercise or go to a gym. But suddenly in March feels tired and can more the sleep that to get up early and go for a run or meet the routine that was proposed and within a short time any kind of physical exercise is not done and again he or she returns to the same body with some extra kilos although it predisposes to the development of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.

Another popular event is to earn more money than it is actually obtained. Many people start the new year with a part-time business opportunity when they have finished their working hours but having no clearly defined why they are doing this extra effort as it was the product of emotions new year, again left to one side of the road soon expecting a windfall help them change their economic future during the year.

But perhaps the most critical case of living dreams, desires and good intentions and poor mental programming is to rely on external forces rather than own translated this in not recognize the creator and owner of the universe and his power, but the omens and fetishes: yellow underpants, grapes, flowers, lentils, incense, baths luck, bags, etc., convinced that success is the same thing as luck and magic or superstition and changes come without paying the price required.

Unfortunately the most benefits with omens and fetishes are not ordinary people or rather the clients but sellers who make a bargain with the ingenuity and superstition of many.

However we are not saying here is wrong attend the holidays of the end of the year and enjoy meals, as well as socialize with friends and family and have happy moments that is something that makes us grow as human beings. The real problem is not to know and learn to use the tools of the mind that can help or delay any attempt of growth and change. Let’s see what actually happens:

Our mind is divided into two main parts, conscious mind made up by the faculties of attention and evaluation focused on the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for logic and analysis and its main function is thinking. However the decisions by more than 95% are not taken consciously but subconsciously.

The subconscious mind which controls over 95% of mental capacity and is defined as “program of repeated acts, thoughts, and intense emotions that execute actions in any person” This is the most powerful part of the mind and is what really decides what will do and if you can do it or not. So when a person has filed in his subconscious thoughts, actions and emotions like: doubt shortage, superstition, lack of opportunities, misery, poverty, resentment, hatred, trauma, etc., these serious problems that bolt and slow down the prosperity do not fix up with a few good drinks and meals the night of new year and doing happy promises or trusting in the omens and fetishisms.

It is necessary to say something that it does not please when it listens and is that the past if it weighs enough in the mind and when it is full of bad recollections and pains it is when more it is necessary to attack and change with new information the interpretation of the facts that happened it.

The facts as such of the past cannot change but we can alter the interpretation that we have of them and it allows us to have peace and happiness in the present and confidence in the future.

But this is a task of every day to do to deposite new mental information that helps us to change the interpretation of the tragic facts of life and of the adverse circumstances of the life that affect all of us and for this there are resources of Self-help and Overcoming that are necessary to live a quality of life always, not only On December 31 at 12 p.m. eating grapes and asking for desires.

With the brain it is necessary to handle a suitable equal diet to it is done with the body. A healthy body and that does not surprise with a painful and terminal disease or with a sudden death, is not done eating food scrap, consuming big quantities of liquor, smoking, stay up late habitually, having big doses of stress, bad emotions and doing little exercise.

With the brain goes something very similar. The vast majority of people except leaders of direct selling companies and some individuals belonging to leading companies industrially or services that have systems of intensive training in Human Development, let their mind be feed with food information nothing useful as the news, gossip of the lives of others, depressive or melancholic music and a lot work or knowledge of his office, position or career information that from a professional technical view is important but does little to understand themselves as human beings and deal with personal problems and challenges of everyday life.

So having clear what actually happens with the conflict between our good intentions, desires and mental programming here are some helpful tips to change:

  • To generate any significant changes in your life you must learn to accept your past but with the determination to change the interpretation of facts if they were difficult, this does not mean inventing and believing a different story to the reality that it happened, but extracting from bad experiences the valuable lessons that comes with them and develop qualities such as persistence, focus, the order of values, etc.
  • As you progress and go into the discipline of mental programming across systems and suggested resources, you will understand that the omens and fetishes are a way to escape of the influence that your mind has in the events of your life and you will lose interest in intrude in the lives of others and to tolerate harmful and continuous information that affect inner peace as that is promulgated by sensationalist media.
  • The daily reading of topics of Overcoming since we have said in so many articles is vital to change the life and to give a mental diet adapted to the brain not very far to the good food, rest and physical training that needs a healthy and strong body.
  • Associate with people who admire and respect them not only for their social and economic position, but by its principles and values like family, honest work and healthy habits, but everyone deserves courtesy and consideration you should be care to share time with people who have bad habits, especially when they do not want to change and try to get others to do the same or worse habits that ended them.
  • Cultivate your spiritual life regardless of your belief and believes in the power of God to help you change, grow up and succeed. Not in superstitions and omens that have no spiritual, physical, mental and emotional foundation.
  • Remember that the conflict between good intentions, desires and poor mental programming, the last two always win and eventually sabotage all your efforts.
  • The popular phrase “New Year New Life” with a negative mental programming of years becomes “New Year Live Same or Worse”
  • Invest in your Practice Education with time and money. The price is very much minor that what you pay for the matriculations of the Traditional Education and with very much major benefit to solve problems, situations and challenges of the daily life.

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