The Importance of an Adequate Mental Diet


Mind like body needs food often but this requires appropriate information that strengthen, nurture and develop to live and to produce abundant fruit, which is known as adequate mental diet.

In our society the concept of mental suitable diet does not exist as such and the persons are left to choose in agreement to their level of education, expectations before life and free will that information serves or does not serve them to develop in a positive, mediocre or negative way as human beings.

The food of the mind is the information coming to it through different channels: pictures, sounds and even sensory impressions such as taste, touch and emotion.

The information problem is that the effect that it provides is more than 95% through subconscious thoughts, intense emotions and repeated acts developing habits of behavior and thinking leaving poorly delivered to people who do not watch the class and frequency of messages they receive or who they are exposed.

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There are also various agents affecting the human mind which feeds spoken and unspoken messages, voluntary and involuntary, among them are the media such as TV, radio, press, print and even virtual in certain areas and programs convey a whole series of constant negative messages that afflict mentally and emotionally to people and programmed to a life of misery, torment, scarcity, violence and problems.

Those media like TV or others who use the videos to get the visual and auditory canal affect the public more aggressively and effectively to unsuspecting viewers or video viewers.

This is because the picture and sound combine intense emotions that can set a long-term message in the minds of people and generate an addiction or manic depressive psychiatric disorders can occur, reason why for instance in the case of many people stop seeing negative information through TV is a whole sacrifice that cannot leave so easily.

The news for example with the whole series of: deaths, kidnappings, murders, thefts, disappearances, shortage of opportunities, the soap operas with the whole series of problems increased and deformed of the reality as: the intrigues, disillusions, prejudices, infidelities, hatreds, revenges and the movies of violence, gangs, wars, account adjustments, etc., are programming slowly or intensively the mind of all his followers to experiment on their own meat all those misfortunes and foreign or supposed problems to which have turned addicts .

The consequences left by the prolonged or intense exposure to this type of information on people creates severe psychological and psychiatric disorders such as severe depression, excessive prevention to people, introversion, low working efficiency and predisposed aggressive reactions to everyday situations in their personal, family and social life.

Music is another highly sensitive agents to influence positively or negatively the mental diet of people. The decadent songs with messages of frustration, depression, sadness, etc., are highly detrimental to a healthy optimism for life and make this bitter for many who cannot see a different future of their current situation.

Traditional Education on the other hand, taught in today’s schools is far from helping man to solve their everyday challenges and problems because focuses almost exclusively on developing and providing critical and general thinking and specific knowledge for an individual that is suitable in a particular career field.

Being competent in a particular professional field: medicine, engineering, law, finance, economics, architecture, etc., does not guarantee in any way that the professional title works for someone to manage his life in other ways and overcome many times problems or difficult life challenges such as: health loss, loss of a dear being, a love failure, lack of opportunities, be financially independent, economic bankruptcy, better relations with others, how to raise children, etc. And indeed in detention centers around the world abound highly educated individuals but that knowledge did not help them for major thing when it was time to decide whether or not to commit a crime.

With this we are not saying that traditional education does not work, of course it does but its range is limited and is not a panacea as some believe for adults who need a more appropriate and further concept to solve their problems and daily challenges of life: the “Practice Education.”

Practice Education is defined as: “the optimized process of technological resources that infuses accurate and necessary knowledge to excel in a particular environment.”

Namely Practical Education takes the theoretical knowledge of various disciplines including human development and develops immediate measures to resolve situations that affect the quality of life and mental and emotional stability of people.

For this they are today thanks to technological development and the global network of Internet information the full range of resources self downloadable made by the best experts and entrepreneurs with experience in various professional and practical fields and proven to solve particular problems that afflict the human being in his life: on health, psychological, emotional, labor, etc.

To read books in Human Development is one of the best activities for knowledge and progress that practice many prominent leaders from different sectors of the economy, especially companies in the field of direct selling that through this information prepare to correctly solved many situations of their lives even before living them and thus commit the fewest errors. There are also other areas of interest are added as: practical finance, health, relationships, coaching, etc.:

In repeated surveys that have been done to leaders of success and refer to overall success as the ability to lead a spiritual, personal, family and social life in harmony and growth, not only in economic terms and they have affirmed the importance of avoid information that could damage peace and tranquility of mind.

Many people will argue that it is unrealistic to shut out the world to avoid bad news, kidnappings, killings and crisis in the world. And indeed it is not, simply it is not recommended to expose frequently to all sources of negative information such as: the tabloid news, melodramatic novels, violent movies, etc., and better spending the time to develop in other aspects of life as in: cultivating an art, reading, develop a business part time, do spiritual life, etc.

The mass media seen from another angle of sight as for its bad use also steals time of the persons and promote the indiscipline, specially in children and teenagers who remain literally stuck to the screen of the TV and disregard their tasks and works for looking at the last advance of the movie or favorite series or games on line, etc.

One of the most harmful habits of the media in adults is to live life according to the successes and failures of other people’s lives whether: artists, politicians, actors, etc., and forget that time in their life is running and it can be end when they less think about it and be too late, for what it is necessary to use exactly the time that they dedicate extensively to the TV and other means to making something productive with their lives and not to live it in agreement to the results of others.

Finally out of the misuse of mass media and the bias of traditional education there is another lethal agent for proper mental diet and it is the bad association with people who have habits and lifestyles that undermine the principles and moral and ethical values: God, family, honest work, goals and dreams, integrity, respect, health, defense of life, etc.

The messages and the bad influence that comes from bad friends and companies shows its effect on the mind much as it does an intestinal parasite that nests and invades the whole organism to sicken and end with its victim.

Misinformation that comes from associating with bad people brings and affirms limiting, decadent thoughts and influence moral and financially and devastate all the mores and intentions of being someone of value and give back to society.

Next a series of practical orientations to apply the beginning of the mental diet adapted for the success:

  • From now on become aware that information is the food of your mind and equal to body in another context it lives from information.
  • The information you find is infinite and varied, but is in you and it’s your responsibility to give your mind the best information to grow, strengthen and bring you concrete actions towards a prosperous, happy life.
  • Negative information is also abundant and is not recommended exposed to it regularly and extended through the media, tabloid news, violent movies and novels.
  • We recommend that instead of spending more time looking at the tragic news of the world, better use that time doing something useful with your life to help many who need it, and what you can do to develop a new business opportunity, cultivating an art, enables you to grow as an individual and help from your family core to friends, acquaintances, strangers, community and country.
  • Prefer for your mental diet appropriate TV programs that add value to your life: talk shows, cultural, comedies, objective news without sensationalism, sports, contests, etc.
  • Traditional education has very good effects for the professional and social development but personally is limited and does not guarantee solutions to the problems facing everyone in their daily lives, challenges and situations.
  • For it invest and use the tools and resources of the Practical Education that are done to cover the spaces that the educational traditional system cannot and that it provides effective and immediate solutions for your human development in the most varied aspects: personal, familiar, social and and even the professional.
  • Practice the daily reading of books recommended in Overcoming or of virtual materials that contribute with strategies and impulse to your daily life.
  • The spiritual part and books like the Bible are exceptional tools to strengthen not only your mind but your inner being, the essence of the higher self that is not due to social or personal tags.
  • Use the power of statements to change your negative self-talk and discipline your mind toward new and inspirational goals.
  • Music is also important to keep in perspective. Any song with decadent and depressive or melancholic messages acts in your brain acts as a propellant of problems and misfortunes and can lead to mistakes and commit actions against you or others with unfortunate consequences.
  • Therefore listen music to provide and develop in you feelings of joy, hope and strength. In the case of difficult times use music that relax or calm you, not that worsen the situation.
  • Associate with people who will take you wherever you want in life. And we are not talking here only of the economic or professional. Frequent the company of people who uphold the values ​​and principles and the practice.
  • Attend events or virtual leadership where you interact with people that exceed your achievements and can provide new insights into your life.

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