The Importance of Believing in What We do not See


Believe in what we can not see has always been a challenge to the human nervous system, which is determined to show that what it is detected with the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell is the total reality of what exists. But nothing is further from a logical and objective reality.

The total reality is an infinite number of sense impressions and our brain and nervous system are far from having such power of perception and although we can filter a lot of information both consciously and subconsciously, it is still a very simple approach to the myriad of information and interacting elements in the universe both in time and in space.

Believing in what is unseen is not a dreamer, fanatic, naive, ignorant or fetishistic act as think by many skeptics especially at science, but a humble and responsible act with a great sense of total reality that truly exists since our conscious part scientifically speaking in the brain can only handle a maximum of seven variables or pieces of information at the same time while using most senses involved in an event or situation.

And further according neurological research our nervous system detects only a part of the energy of a billion, which shows that the brain does a very limited perception or model of total reality that exists and by the effect of constant record of that physical senses model detect as reality that makes the brain, then the individual believes that there is nothing beyond to what his brain registers as reality.

To begin, living beings that inhabit this planet both animals, including the human species and vegetables detect reality differently. In certain animals for example as the serpents they have senses that we do not have, since they see in infrared, a wave length that the human eye cannot catch and serpents locate their dams for his corporal heat, another sensory capacity that humans do not have neither perceive.

Bats and elephants capture ultrasounds, which are acoustic or sound waves whose frequency is above the hearing range of human hearing (about 20,000 Hz) and thanks to that they detect obstacles or perceive events that can happen while any human being is not capable to perceive these changes in the universe.

It is known for example in the case of elephants that have saved many lives in remote regions such as Asia, thanks to their exalted mood when they perceive ultrasounds before an earthquake or tsunami occur, and its owners once alerted of that registration act evacuating their homes in a few minutes and then comes the catastrophe for those who did not have this animal announcement.

Dogs for instance have ten times the smell of a human and bears hundred times, which means they can smell a prey from several kilometers away, when only a human can smell a meal to ten meters. An eagle can look a mouse over a kilometer away or could read the headlines of a newspaper at a distance of one hundred meters while we cannot do that more than two or three meters away.

With just these brief analysis of what happens in different animal species would be very naive to think that we as humans are above other species and that our reality check is the best or the most complete. However any animal species among which human counts cannot detect a large number of significant changes that occur at the microscopic or macroscopic level in the universe.

That is why nobody is able to demonstrate that there are no major realities such as the existence of God, the soul, life after life, miracles, the synchronicity of universal events, etc. On the basis of use for this very limited nervous system and brain trying to establish and generalize a reality that cannot detect nor experience even in fairly significant quantities.

However the vast majority of information we perceive and receive not happen consciously as we said is quite limited, but to a unconscious or subconscious level recording or storing data of the actual events that occur through information networks. And this has been demonstrated in cases of hypnotics patients that can describe extraordinary the details of lived experiences with such thoroughness that it is not possible to remember in any way consciously.

Knowing all this many might ask themselves, if this is what happens in terms of what we grasp of the total universal reality, then it is possible to believe in anything and wait there exists or it believes a reality?

And the answer is no all. One way to know that something happens in the universe beyond our threshold of perception is that a phenomenon repeats itself and can be experienced at some point and we perceive it on an intuitive level, it can experience and recognize, but not conceptualize to a logic level.

Science such as we know it today has always tried to show that there are no major realities to his world models proposed and accepted because in its evaluation system cannot fit all the variables and phenomena beyond human-limited perception .

And although the models of the world that has created are useful as said the great german physicist Albert Einstein ” The models we do about the world are just models and a limited approximation of reality”.

Millions of testimonies exist at the human level in the whole world of the occurrence of repeated paranormal phenomena that alter the conscience of many persons but simultaneously also there exist many crafty merchants who enrich themselves by the ignorance of other persons to sell enchantments for manipulating their level of conscience and to do that they believe in external realities without foundation.

But then how to distinguish the true from the false in what is beyond our level of sensory perception? and as we said this shows clearly the repeated occurrence of a phenomenon. For example in the case of the existence of the higher being, just watch as millions of lives change and evolve under the name of God throughout the world and that have a life model very similar without having known and without being able never know on this earth.

Miracles also are an evident demonstration of the immeasurable reality that escapes to our senses. But his evidence is demonstrated by the repeated occurrence of phenomena that accredit them and that the science in general medical and scientific cannot explain.

In the case of success is particularly vital to believe in what is cannot see. Based on this, now it speaks much of the power of attraction or the Law of Attraction which states that repeated thoughts are energy and attract events that confirm this mental programming.

And in this respect there are millions of testimonials that confirm this new reality that although it cannot be conceptualised if can be experienced, as has happened to more than one person with repeated events in his life.

In studies of the human mind that have made great men and women of history that changed their life and that of others by their example, it is known that they were inhabited by a fixed idea and they lived and believed in it before everything happened out of their minds.

Then let’s look at a number of useful recommendations to believe in what we do not see:

  • Become aware that there is an infinitely reality greater that your senses and nervous system cannot detect. And recognize it is not a distant act outside of reality as skeptics believe, but a very logical, sensible and clear conclusion that leaves no doubt.
  • It is not possible to demonstrate that do not exist or deny major realities as: God, the existence of the soul, the life after the life, the miracles and the synchrony of events based on a series of senses, nervous system and reason of limited human beings. Though for example the physical science is based on the reason it must come to believe what it does not see, so though the mathematical calculations and the experiments show that the atoms and the subatomic particles are there nobody has seen an atom or a particle ever and nobody can see them to simple sight.
  • Human Development authors speak with one voice to first create a living reality though this is happening at the moment only in the mind. And according to this, a series of favorable events will happen and confirm it out of mind in the same physical universe in which both are.
  • To have a basic idea of how much information of the universe is beyond our senses and our nervous system, for example a single human cell that we cannot see has the modest sum of six billion reactions per second, which is an immeasurable number to register through our capabilities, and a single human being has fifty billions of them.
  • None of our senses tell us the whole truth of what is in the universe. Nor what we see or what we hear, nor what we taste, smell or palpate is total reality. It is a simple approach or a very small model of an infinitely complex universe in demonstrations and combinations.
  • If faith is the subject of skepticism by many, it is much more skepticism itself that has no a logical foundation for it is too much information our senses and nervous system cannot record or evaluate.
  • Faith is a coherent and responsible act with a reality that is beyond us dramatically. Instead doubt and skepticism are self-limiting that interfere in the development of a full life.
  • If you really want to change your way of life you must train your mind to believe in what it does not see before it happens, otherwise you will not obtain any more than a limiting present.
  • Choose believe in that visible and invisible that will strengthen and dignifies both you and other human beings.
    Practice prayer and meditation. Connect with our supreme being God into your inner being, two realities that transcend the limited reason and the senses.
  • Create in your mind a mental picture of the life you want to have. Learn how to do it using our recommended resources and allow universal forces take charge of confirming a new life for you.

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