The Importance of Investing in Practice Education

The Importance of Investing in Practice Education

Education in general stands for the human being as the door of knowledge and progress.

However, education is at this time two great currents that guide the whole society.

There are the traditional education, which is what is implemented in the social strucuture since the industrial revolution (late eighteenth and early nineteenth century) and practical education that starts formally from the digital revolution era, when at the end of twentieth century was created the global information network Internet. And with it began to spread throughout cyberspace workshops on subjects that are not taught or not taught at an accelerated way in the traditional cloisters: colleges and universities.

Among the diverse contributions and new materials that are scattered in the network include: information technology and electronic commerce, languages, health, improvement, coaching, NLP, practical finance, business and investment, etc., Workshops and education itself accelerated and traditional together with interdisciplinary groups made up of people from around the world that provide such a master’s student on-line support, mentoring and developed a global vision about his career and specialty areas.

The great advantages of practical education versus traditional education can be summarized as:

  • Economy of time : that is the most important and critical factor in determining the physical life of man because he can not recover. As a student of traditional education typical uses of 3-10 years to complete their higher education, with practical education that can be reduced to a third or more depending on the chosen academic program with good results. And the trend of reduction of time grows as they are created new resources technology.
  • Accelerated economic results : in one way or another people want to see their academic investment reflected in accelerated economic returns far greater than the investment made ​​initially. But in this case only the practical education can fulfill that purpose in terms of time reduced to 1 year or a few months, because it targets a specific productive purpose and every effort of the student based on the latest trends in the labor market, social, academic and economic.
  • Convenience and flexibility : in hours and displacements. While a traditional cloister as a university student requires to attend certain days, times and locations, the practical courses that are now on the network provide the flexibility that allows students to organize their work schedule and in the case of those who work, not to risk their health by excessive work or physical effort that is reflected by sleepless nights, loss of appetite, seizures and severe diseases caused by job stress. Students also have to take into account that many people still studying in locations far from their homes, after working hours and at night, putting many of them in serious physical danger and his life in case of an accident or an attack on their personal safety and which can affect if it occurs to all his family.

Another face of the academic setting would offer workshops to supplement traditional professional education of millions of employees or independent workers, or those courses that allow workers to get less qualified and acceptable accelerated performance in various tasks such as operational technical, commercial languages, etc.

And basically these resources allow all students access to formal and informal education in human development, strategic area that defines the success or failure of any person in his or her life : personal, work and social. That has been very neglected and even underestimated by traditional education both in schools and in universities.

This type of education has been recognized and driven mainly by large direct selling companies that have been in it a support and a bulwark to increase their profits dramatically sweeping building sales forces working to achieve goals that ignore those who  disown impossible this methodology .

And these issues of human development are among others: self-help and self-improvement, coaching, strategic planning, time management, NLP, effective techniques in human relations, health and exercise programs, relaxation methods and more.

As for the results that this type of education has produced global results can not be more encouraging. For example, while a worker with vocational or empirically very rarely reaches economic outcomes for this important need: more formal education: academic postgraduate experience, work-study time, you can say that many of them rather work to meet a train of expenses allowing them to survive and often neglect their health and core familar because they can give quality time to be tied to social status, academic and work.

And as for the big businessmen who have made great capital came from the traditional education system or empirical, besides being a very small percentage compared to the large population of the world living with limited means and resources, barely enough to survive, these large figures in the development of their business has had to sacrifice unrecoverable goods like health, time and loved ones.

On the other hand those who have sought the benefits of practice-oriented education human development issues such as we have seen for years we have worked with a balanced approach and produced material wealth, personal and family at such levels that no worker or employer traditional has been able to match.

And the number of these lucky and prominent is in the millions because it began in the mid-twentieth century, long before the digital revolution when American visionaries like businessman W. Clement Stone, realized and applied the power produced by this type of education entrepreneurs and staff of both administrative and commercial enterprises.

While avoiding this type of education or remain focused on professional education and empirical to solve their problems, with barely outstanding results in any field of your life: personal, social work or a number in the thousands or hundreds.

The great mistake of traditional education and experience according to our analysis is that it has always tried to solve the problems of man usually so biased and professional with a technical focus, so students end their careers as they are to deal with the human factor with so many and varied needs, starting with themselves, lost in time and overall progress all the progress they made in academy.

So if you want to advance in a comprehensive manner in all aspects we have mentioned and we have seen hundreds of highly committed to their personal, family and social, of different social and cultural conditions suggest you continually invest in this type of materials and themes. At least on a monthly basis in both books , videos and using technological resources now online courses self-unloading.

And associate with groups that promote human and economic development. Among them we recommend to virtual communities for personal growth and direct selling companies successfully working with these materials and education.

We invite you to learn about and implement in your life the extraordinary benefits of investing in education practice focused on human development issues in general, applies his knowledge and experience and achieve balance in your life, living a quality life.

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