The Labour Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The Occupational Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The labour safety has stopped being in this epoch of the age of the information a great aspiration to turn into a great worry.

Current employees already cannot aspire to the job safety since it was happening in previous epochs where the longing of many was to have long-term employments because in this epoch the majority of labor contracts are to a definite term or of free removal and appointment, since it does not suit for a company to accumulate in his employees a great based load.

On the other hand since it began the great expansion of Internet at the beginning of the nineties, the pension funds received great force and began to invest on markets of variable revenue the voluntary contributions of the workers in the different sectors of the economy that they were aspiring to withdraw in the age of pension agreed by the legislative branches of the different countries.

But since it knows in financial practical terms, quote on stock markets is a very big risk that the workers pay for depositing their contributions in the pension funds to receive their allowances in the moment to fulfill the pensional age or for invalidity, since in a collapse of the economies of the world they can lose considerably like smoke the work and the effort of the of the whole life of work represented in money.

Even the job safety every time is elusive since the governments extend constantly the retirement ages so that for an normal employee to come to an advanced labor age, let´s say sixty five years or more, with health, mental brilliancy and updated knowledge it turns out to a whole odyssey.

And unfortunately this issue is beyond far to the teachings of the present schools and universities, which are more concerned with providing students the full range of technical knowledge of their profession and omit Practice Education and clear strategies for their students, no matter the curriculum to study, starting to build their financial future without having to rely on the idea increasingly questioned to get a job to deposit in it long term hopes and a pension which may become increasingly elusive and dangerous.

The truth is that in the information age which officially began with the birth of the digital revolution and the creation of the Internet in the early nineties in the twentieth century and the incorporation of computers increasingly sophisticated , efficient and small, it is imperative to take own control of economic near and far future.

As minimum a current employee has during his labour life especially in this epoch an average from three to four economic offers in order that he can constructs a different and independent economic future to what already offers him his employment with the pensional plan of the funds that it can give him unexpected surprises.

Nevertheless the majority of the options and economic opportunities that an employee finds additional to his work and profession happen unnoticed for his brain because this one applies the filters of the knowledge that he has to direct his routine activities. And this owes principally to which his subconscious mental part, that part that controls his decisions with base in the mental programming received for years of acts, thoughts and repeated emotions does not allows so easily that the person assumes adventures or new projects with unknown risks.

In sum the job safety in this epoch is a task of everyone and this one must begin under three fundamental props:

Change mentality with regard to the money and the ways of gaining it with financial education.

Change mentality with regard to the perception of one self and the incorporation of new resources to achieve it with methods of overcoming and human development.

Open towards new ways of obtaining additional income to the regular work, traversing calculated risks and administering adequately the new flow of money. But risking ultimately time and something of money because the possibility of zero risk  does not exist in any economic project or business opportunity.

The first aspect to work is to change the way of perceiving the money and the ways of gaining it.

The best definition about the value of money has been given in our opinion by the great American real estate entrepreneur Donald J. Trump who said: ” Money is an important tool for the survival ” . That contrasts to a great extent with the form of the majority of wage-earning persons who see in money as a tool that it must be used for others to take charge of them, as the bosses and the pension funds.

The ways of gaining the money have changed fundamentally for the new hard-working class, since it is necessary that a normal employee has another economical activity additional to his work, profession or trade. Therefore the most advisable thing is to look for a business option part-time. Using one or two hours of time outside normal labor. Normally we recommend to do it in the range of 6 pm at 10 a.m. pm. These additional income of money settle with great efficiency the expenses of a family and it can turn hereinafter into a principal revenue.

For this there are several opportunities today as proven online business or MLM using the resources of modern technology: internet, email, videos, audios, etc. As well as multilevel  businesses and particular traditional businesses: restaurants, shops, supermarkets, stationers, pizza shops, stores selling clothing, independent services, consulting, etc.

The second factor to bearing in mind to establish a degree of economic safety in the age of the information is to change the perception that is had of one self, since the economic new results come as consequence of developing and cultivating an enterprising personality and opened for the changes. And due to the fact that the great mass of persons has been educated to fulfill a specific labor as employees, wheter or not professional or without reached studies it gives them terror to face the challenge that supposes taking the economic transcendental decisions of his life as owners of business.

And for this it is necessary to reschedule the mind of habitual form with new information across self help resources: books, seminars and association with leaders who have developed successful ventures. All this range of resources will increase considerably the belief and the autoesteem of the persons to go out of his zone of comfort and to do of their economic projects of independence an authentic reality and not to depend on a check of list while they are employees and other one for their retirement.

The third condition establishes that it is necessary to have mind opened to be opened for new ways of gaining money additional to the work that is had to cover basic needs, but this is a product before that nothing of a change of paradigms or models of thought in the ways of gaining money, of the meaning that takes this one as a useful tool to consolidate an economic future, of the change that is had in the personal perception, increase of the belief and the autoesteem and certainly of taking and dominating the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of a new economic activity.

Notice that we have said basic knowledge because the opportunities of real life differ much from the form as the knowledge is taught in the academic school and university classrooms where one tries to know all the answers to believe that something can be done and  develop a deep terror in the student to committe mistakes and learning of them.

And this philosophy of success followed by all the successful entrepreneurs of all times is the one that allows to traverse calculated risks, not as for not committing mistakes. But as for committing them and every time to reduce more with the learning of the experiences the ways of getting out of a jam effectively in the new economic chosen field.

Obviously in every entrepreneurship it is necessary to to have in consideration a limit of economic investment, level of physical and mental wear.

Finally the topic of administration of money is basic for every entrepreneur who wants to take control of his financial future. And this implies being able to administer his new cashflow. Leaving a part for help of the basic expenses and investing in financial assets the rest of this money to have a constant revenue in the moment at which the person already does not need to be employed.

Let’s make a series of useful recommendations to use time, work and money as key tools to construct an Economic Independence:

  • Part of the base that you are in an  very different epoch from that were lived by your parents and grandparents, which were educated and planned their economic future by the foundations of the Industrial Age, we are speaking from the second half of the 18th century up to the decade of the eighties of the 20th century.
  • This principles were: to study a profession or to choose a technical occupation to penetrate on the labor market as employee to do career in a company, waiting to raise for the corporate stairs for twenty or more years then to retire in time of service, then when this measure changed, the pension only it is paid for age or for invalidity. Which makes that in practice the persons could not enjoy almost a pension and a deserved rest owed to the continuous reforms of the governments that increasingly extend the retirement age.
  • And although still there are in use the employments and the university professional or technical careers for being educated professionally (which continues being valid) and to enter into the labor world, now we are in the Age of information where new and interesting economic vehicles exist to build in time accelerated but additional to regular work or profession, a promising economic future than previous generations had trouble getting a whole life.
  • Take advantage of the new business models as the online business and online multilevels and attend them to construct real profitable business without the need to invest a lot of money in fixed costs and infrastructure and time as it must be done by traditional businessmen. And to diminish with much the learning curve because this business type already have created and verified systems that you must follow to achieve important results in relatively short time: six months, one, two or up to five years.
  • Begin to train with the autodownloadable resources in Practical Education for managing of the personal finances, business and marketing. What will do that you can develop attractive and effective business models in this the Age of information .
  • The investment in Human Development is also vital to enter with right foot into the new culture of the entrepreneurs of the Age of information. Across tools as books of Overcoming and Self-help, autodownloadable resources where coaching and business experts and leaders they will turn into your counselors and will teach you universal principles of success that they apply in their lives and will be ready to share with you all their knowledge to stimulate your personal and economic development and to prevent you from committing the mistakes that they committed.
  • Read as minimum fifteen daily minutes of recommended books and take a  self-help course at least three or four times per year.
  • Look your normal work if you are employee as a school of learning, but as you advance in your new personal and managerial development you will notice the different thing that you are now and you will take the reins of your economic future, without hoping that a pension or retirement be the solution.
  • One of the critical points in order that the persons with employee’s mentality have an economic stable and promissory future, is in that they handle the flow of his money, specially the originated one for new activities with success and discipline. Therefore train in topics of high importance as the financial planning and the saving and investment principles.
  • If during this process you commit mistakes give them the welcome because in practical life it is learned by a mix of knowledge, experimentation and feedback.

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