The New Concept of Business in the Information Age

Negocios en la Era de la Información

Businesses in general have experienced a radical change in the age of information mainly due to the unprecedented expansion of the global information network Internet that has broken boundaries literally everywhere and approached cultures and societies as never before in the history of mankind.

This expansion has had enormous consequences in: businesses, technological development, education, culture, recreation, social relationships, etc. We can say without doubt that thanks to this technological breakthrough the Internet and the use of computers and increasingly sophisticated and powerful communications equipments, the world becomes one virtual society in the Information Age.

Recalling that the Information Age officially starts in the early nineties of the twenty century with the creation of the Global Information Network and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

But as well as Internet has brought over and brings over million persons of different cultures and companies far and wide of the world also brings new challenges for the mind of the man who for nature does not adapt easily to the changes that the technological advance brings.

In the case of business especially before the Information Age existed for transnational companies offices in all countries where they needed to establish physical branches with all the costs that will accrue to it for its operation.

And although currently several companies especially consumer, laboratories and primary sector as hydrocarbons and derivatives continue to operate through branches in various parts of the world, not so with the services sector involving companies: investment, banking, insurance, consulting, trade, e-commerce, etc.

Now for many companies it is imposed have worldwide headquarters in the country of origin and deploy Internet through an entire human and technological platform that meets the demands and offers of their products and services.

This has brought radical consequences regarding to the movement of the big capitals of money, which are transferred in mass to and from in the cyberspace but which it counts also with strict controls to assure the transactions, of which can give good account the banks and the public utility companies who today receive great part of their income by means of the online payments.

Banks for example know about the security of electronic transactions and encourage their customers to make online payments to avoid withdraw in their branches big amounts of money and prevent attacks against their security as stealing.

However the last to rely on online payments are not companies but people because many of them are reluctant to technological change that is inevitable and prefer to do business with physical businesses where they can go to their headquarters if national or branch if international, and look with their own eyes if it is true or not that it exists. And so physically pay as they did twenty years ago when there was no Internet.

The network marketing companies, investment and trade are now working with their virtual platforms via the Internet and have implemented secure payment methods like SSL security protocols and other forms of online protection, so that the new and old customers should start using these benefits that save time, transport and transfers.

Therefore the attitude of distrust of many must necessarily change as payments via the Internet are a mega trend as they were at the time the computers replaced old typewriters and cell phones displaced landlines and public call centers.

In the near future the Internet will be handling more than 80% of trade in goods and services and will come the moment that the online marketing be the most accepted way of doing business within and outside the network.

Some interesting figures show that Internet bill about twenty billion dollars a month, which is a remarkable figure for any company wishing to expand their coverage and which in turn shows the importance of online sales are becoming increasingly because every day there are hundreds of thousands or millions of people around the world connecting to the network.

The free simultaneous translation service as provided by Google and Bing that allow text and translate and interpret documents in seconds is today one of the great feats of virtual communication and facilitates the exchange of information between manufacturers, vendors and customers stimulating trade goods and services for domestic consumption, virtual sales and in the case of local businesses to import or export their products.

In Europe for example the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), with eMarketServices, has done a study that shows the future certainly hopeful for electronic commerce in the country, estimating that by 2015 50% of the population will make their purchases online and that 3 out of 10 small and medium enterprises sold through the Internet.

With e-commerce are expected companies lower prices, make more attractive offers and reach the user in a more personal and direct way.

In short, the Information Age offers a paradigm or a different model of thinking where the price to enjoy the amenities of the new forms of communication and its economic utility requires adaptability and speed obviously know how to distinguish the good proposals, of those who do not fulfill the quality standards necessary for doing business.

Below are a number of important tips to enter into the virtual world of business and take advantage of its benefits:

  • As a company the benefits of your participation are enormous, more customers, more business impact, branding, instant online payments from your customers as PayPal, personal credit cards, business or via bank wire transfers from anywhere in the world .
  • As a person the benefits to your economy go in proportion to your adaptability and confidence in the system. And this will make you gain better items and online services with highly competitive prices for sale or consumption with a few clicks on your part.
  • Many people who have little knowledge of online trading argue that in Internet scams and lies prevail. Nothing could be further from the truth. If that were true then companies such as Coca Cola, IBM, Apple, Exxon Mobile, GM, Ford, Daimler AG, BMW, Citibank, Wall Mart, etc., would not be in the network.
  • Even think about it from the companies that exist in your country, starting with the state companies that distribute and market public services: water, electricity, phone and gas. All without exception allow online payments of their services and all have web presence.
  • Internet payments are a mega trend against which you cannot fight, not only for money, but for the comfort and safety.
  • If you are one of those who need to see a company physically to believe and to pay the purchase of an item, a membership or any other product or service reminds that the new concept of trade is that companies have a world headquarters and from there through the Global Information Network Internet sold more easily and quickly.
  • Online payments have security protocols, the most widely used, in its simplicity, is the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) whose main use is to encrypt the number of credit cards when making any online transaction. The SSL protocol offers data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and to a lesser extent, customer identification for TCP / IP connections (protocol used on the Internet).
    SSL provides a secure electronic channel for transactions between servers (bank, card issuer and online store) and browsers through which, by encrypting the purchase data, electronic transactions can be held safely.
  • All websites that offer secure payments show this distinction. In case of the banks that handle information of their clients for encriptación more sophisticated protocols are in use as the SET (Secure Electronic Transaction), which is a set of safety procedure which end is to assure the identity of persons who take part in an electronic transaction, to protect the information that is sent and to guarantee that this one has not been manipulated in the process.
  • For this they use digital certificates and encryption software that make it more complicated to use and therefore more difficult to implement than the SSL.
  • To have professional presence in Internet for personal or managerial business learn to do it of hands of the best experts through our recommended resources.
  • Remember that the only end of the technology and especially of the virtual one like Internet it is to do the most friendly life to the man. Therefore to resist or to fight against it is not an intelligent act. You can lose very valuable opportunities to any level of information and that without it you will never be able to find again.

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