The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

Partnering with people that lead to success at all levels, is one of the most important principles to consider and adopt any leader in any field where they play: personal, family, social or labor.

It is so important and vital this principle that responsible parents usually have practiced and practiced often with their children, to see what kind of friends are they and what kind of people frequent, or particular and who meet regularly. To avoid bad influences that block or destroy the future of their children.

Today more than ever it is important to become aware of this vital principle not only for children but for ourselves because to spend time with people we stopped on the goals and wear us mentally and emotionally to be the price to pay to regain a healthy life and production is very high.

The partnership for success is not an exclusionary principle, because one thing is to choose well with whom we share our time, but quite another to underestimate and discriminate against people who disagree with us.

Courtesy and friendliness are key attitudes for coexistence with different mentalities and must continually exercising with others to positively influence them by example, but also while avoiding companies that damage or lacerate our desire and pursuit of improvement.

The partnership for success is not limited only to choose people to help us achieve money and material wealth, is also part of our emotional world as social and emotional relationships, and our beliefs, mental and physical abilities.

It is clear that every leader has followed and continues to other leaders in the process of becoming one of them and continuously exceeded, and selected mentors and colleagues who work in harmony with him to achieve among all the common good.

However, for a large percentage of the population associating with successful people is a hassle and effort trying to encourage rather than encourage them.

In order to understand and apply this powerful principle, the first thing you should do in this case is located and know exactly what we want from life and put in writing our purposes in life, which are goals that never end and keep us movement in the four levels in which human beings live and act: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This to avoid changes and omissions to which the mind is subjected to everyday situations when you forget where you are going.

Following this definition it is advisable to observe and select one or more people we admire respect in each of the fields mentioned and how far it can emulate their thoughts, strategies and actions.

This does not imply lack of personal judgment, simply by practicing on a plowed field in any field of life, it is much easier and less tortuous produce quick results and save time is the critical factor that can not be recovered.

From this selection of successful people will start looking for a closer relationship with the person you admire as a mentor to monitor allows the leader to follow but also to get him to direct feedback and correct our training.

The mentor itself is a master in his field who decides to teach his students with the aim of raising the skill and welfare particularly in the field of student he teaches. That is generous in their contributions but requires your (s) student (s) commitment and hard work.

There are of course different mentors with different skills for different students or disciples in the four areas of influence on human life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

However, if you are to succeed must be done holistically, and this implies aspire to continuously excel in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Because if there is no progress in any of these fields, there is regression. And neglecting any of these vital parts results in the progressive deterioration aspiring leader, and ultimately its weakness apparent sabotage all their triumphs in other fields.

The mentor as I mentioned fixes and demand our performance and actually develop friendships with people who call us as we teach by example is one of the most rewarding and challenging processes of every person who seeks the improvement and success.

Already once internalized and practiced successfully models this teacher offers, look for new colleagues with similar education and interests in each particular field in which we develop and constituting us a group or partnership for success.

This principle was first promulgated by the celebrated author of Human Development and Improvement Napoleon Hill and is known as the Master Mind principle, for the reason that each of the characters of success he had studied in his age group organized analyzed and acted with great skill and wisdom to address each of the challenges that looked doomed the company or group of companies to its owner.

This means that people with similar education, interests and attitudes meet regularly to analyze, evaluate, plan and implement new models of development for the benefit of the parties involved in any field of human activity: spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

So apparently recapitulating the principle of partnership for success you can apply:

  • Clearly defining your purpose in each of the four fields of human activity.
  • Sectioned respect and admire persons in each.
  • Find a mentor and imitate him. Get feedback and fixes what does not work. For this you must have a humble and teachable.
  • Develop a team with people who share your same values, interests and goals, and works with them to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Avoid sharing much time with people that you limit or wear. However this does not mean you do not have with them an attitude of courtesy and sympathy.
  • Teach others by example. The example goes far beyond all the words you want to share with others. And it helps even the most resistant to change. The force of example drags.

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