The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

The power of choice is the great power that we human beings have over other creatures that inhabit the same universe as animals and plants to orient our lives toward a personal, spiritual or material particular purpose.

But the power of choice remains unchanged through life since it becomes over the years in a program or pattern of automatic answers, practiced and received either consciously or unconsciously.

No doubt the choice is a concept that goes hand in hand with the decision because while the election is a choice given preference, the decision is the internal force that dictates which is the chosen path.

The choice is part of all daily human activities on four aspects or areas in which we live: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. And as we have said generally it is conditional based or elected by induced mental programming.

This makes it the brain in a way that simplifies the conscious part of the mind to be always analyzing and evaluating possible events and responses that occur, which makes the power of choosing be split or cut in front of the big changes that could be made in one’s life if the power of choice will be used more as a conscious tool.

In human beings in what it has to do with the organic functions as the control of the breathing, the cardiac pace, the metabolism the cell renewal, digestion, flicker, and other processes necessary for the survival are controlled in an unconscious way by cerebral highly complex mechanisms, but in a physical plane of movement, mental and emotional the predominance of the choice can be done of a conscious form.

Especially the power of choice is dramatically influenced and determined by the information that it is received across words, images and sounds that then unleash emotions and act in the brain to produce behaviors and concrete actions, which can be good or bad in agreement with an order of values and moral and ethical principles, which affect first the individual, then to a community and later to a society.

In what refers to success the power of choice plays a fundamental paper in the occurrence of favorable events towards one or several certain goals. Nevertheless this will not happen for good if first it is not known, cultivated and trained this faculty in pursuit of the wished aims always and when they are: legal, moral and ethical.

In a relativistic society like today where many sectors allow all kinds of actions that threaten the own life and that of others, the power of choice is eclipsed and has been replaced with an experimental emotional weakness that comes to take up the ultimate consequences a freewill misdirected and is responsible for bringing thousands of people early to the tomb, a prison or a series of physical, social and moral impairments that confine the lives of many individuals to prostration, disability, hopelessness, poverty, social exclusion and depression.

According to this the power of choice is a necessary power to be used by the right to life and to dignify life for all, but starting with the best possible choices to develop personal skills and with a transcendent purpose in life.

If we are to make intelligent use of the power of choice is good to consider the following guidelines:

Not be exposed to any type of information or action repeatedly without first imagine or deduce the possible consequences resulting therefrom. For example, in the search for truth that human beings have many people act so very unprepared to information agents that abound and establish unconscious mental and emotional patterns that cause in their life then: scarcity, disease, moral and economic ruin.

This has to do with looking at pictures, read and listen to continuous messages through the media on TV, radio and press as: murder, robbery, rape, disasters, etc.. that generate violent behavior and social isolation, and others like drug addiction, pornography, melodramas, which generate addictions, deviations and trends to depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and trend to suicide.

In the case of music for example the combination of sounds and words for certain tones can produce altered either energy and enthusiasm but also of violence, aggression, sadness and depression behavior.

The association with certain group of people is also a powerful influencer agent  in the type of behaviors that tend to develop and flourish in the different types of people by age, interests and preferences.

To frequent companies with customs and habits that go in detriment of the values and healthy principles that build and exalt to human being is a very high price that will do of this choice a tortuous way towards the moral and personal decadence.

In children and young persons specially the power of the choice must be supervised for responsible adults because in them it predominates more the emotion of living through the experiences and the intrepidity of challenges and dangers instead of being rational and acting in consequence, reason by which others can damage or be damaged easily without having had the intention of which this was happening.

In the young and middle adult the power of choice is however severely affected by their paradigms or mental models and from there from where to make a conscious analysis of what kind of choices and decisions are made according to these paradigms and if these specific behaviors and actions bring the visible world events, circumstances and results yearning for a promising future.

In seniors finally the power of the choice becomes very small of conscious form, on the other hand if it is done almost totally of unconscious form by base in the paradigms guaranteed for years in the shape of mental and physical habits, reason for which it is the period of life where with major difficulty changes can be done, since great resistance exists to them. Nevertheless it can be done with work and  effort some changes that affect positively a life marked by the repetition of thoughts and not wished conducts.

Well if the condition of man is to use the power of choice more often unconsciously as he progress in years, what would then be an effective way to counteract this and take control of this important right?

The best option according to experts in practice psychology is to create new paradigms or mental models that affirm the values, principles and ideals: excellence, advancement, creativity, health and opportunities to which every man is entitled regardless of race, status specific social or creed.

And on this basis that the paradigms are thoughts repeated with a combination of emotions need to be created from repeated and new emotions to counter and change the habits of thought and action and so begins a new power of choice thoughts.

Let us see some tips to make this happen:

  • Thoughts are generated in your life due to multiple factors: images, sounds, words, emotions, sensations and experiences. After agreement with this you must choose in this order the factors previously mentioned that better anchor to your conscience to direct your life in the indicated direction. We are speaking clearly about a successful life, full of personal rewards and health in four areas of experience you humanize: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
  • Since this is not a simple process, especially when there has been had an indifferent or ignorant life to these important factors you must begin a program of training in self-help and overcoming across recommended resources that help you to improve and advance in the process, without feeling distress, fear or pain as this one develops.
  • Reading continues being and it will be always the most important vehicle of knowledge to learn new models of thought, specially the reading of books in Human Development that across foreign experiences options should show to solve problems and situations whether daily or complex and that allows to advance the answers before events that tend to destabilize the human being while it looks for the answers in the way towards a specific goal. In agreement with this it develops the habit of the reading of this material at least in a frequency from twenty to thirty daily minutes.
  • A power of choice properly trained and qualified allow you to choose the best relationships and make sincere friends with you to conquer objectives while creating together a team of mutual support and high performance. The smart partnership with people to help and support you does not imply discrimination against others, simply is a sensible choice to avoid bad influences and inevitable setbacks that occur when companies are not adequate.
  • It is also important to train the power of choice to frequent and receive with most positive information that you build and develop as a human being. Negative information as promulgated by the media: murder, theft, shortage, tragedy, violence, depression, etc.. you must not frequent or repeat it in your mind, therefore occupies your mind with information that leads you to love life and being productive in all aspects: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
  • In regards to the economic question, this is one of the most delicate and important aspects which need to exercise the power of choice in flexibility to change and use this power to select opportunities and new concepts of agile business and high growth that come with the Information Age and the power of the Internet.
  • To choose the old methods of doing money as: the employment, the specialization, the raise for the corporate stairs or the traditional business that enslave and do not allow to have free time, without bearing the second option in mind to level the personal and familiar economy can be a very costly choice not only in terms of production of money but in those goods invaluables that do not recover in human beings: time, health and youth. Think it well, today since with the resources of the digital age there are proved methods to do that the money be an ally in your life working for you and not upside-down.
  • Health is another issue bluntly where to train and exercise the power of choice. Many people short their life and health by eating fatty or spicy foods, without mentioning that directly undermines the vital organs such as: alcohol, snuff and drugs.
  • A sedentary lifestyle also does the same for damaging your health and shorten your life, your energy and stamina to have a quality life. So exercise your power of choice by implementing a daily exercise routine that can be controlled by simply walking twenty or thirty minutes in open spaces and nature, avoiding junk food, drinking six to eight glasses of water and sleeping at least as adult seven to eight hours.
  • Also exercise your power of choice to decline and ending addictions to psychoactive and hallucinogenic substances that are responsible for rapidly shorten life.
  • Finally, if we want a level of stable and lasting success for your life I suggest using your power of choice according to the following values and principles: God, family, work, country, progress, justice, fairness, consistency, defense of life, honesty, integrity and excellence. This applies not only to your life but for all types of relationships involving agreements and commitments with people: choose from coworkers, romantic relationships, choice of friends, partners, governments, etc.

To start using now the Power of the election in your life and expand the knowledge presented in this article about “The Power of Choice”, know and use the following:

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