The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

Dreams are the foundation for anyone in this world can be successful at any level and at any chosen occupation.

But dreams or better yet the power of dream is the best antidote to a medium adverse, conformist and following the social inertia environment.

Dreams from a realistic point provide the power to step in and keep in it. But becoming a trained dreamer, namely an individual who creates mental and emotional models of the goals and then takes action to achieve them is not easy.

Many people want to accomplish things on a deeper level or one more superficial as money, goods, securities, social status, health, life in the beyond, family, stable relationship, etc. But after a while of thinking about it and take some action do not see tangible results, then despair, leave and return to their normal state that are the situations of confusion and disgust to which many are accustomed to.

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We live in a world where in a human level is given more importance to the known, familiar, trite, socially accepted and practiced. In another change, the bold and daring in the sense of entrepreneurship is seen as crazy, rarities and a way of thinking and behavior that goes against accepted social norms.

In the case of money for example the traditional education system ensures that you can only achieve an abundant, stable and better still position after many years of study, qualifications, experience and responsibilities. But the economic reality in the world shows the opposite. Of the top twenty richest men on the planet, more than eighty percent of people are not college graduates and have built huge businesses with a cultural and social legacy that exceeds the gains of almost any professional individual.

These achievements were made first of all working in harmony with the principle of dreams where they first had a clear idea of what they wanted to get . However, in many cases at first this idea was not sufficiently clear although specific , but through the events happened around them, filtered and honed their ideas.

Traditional Education although is very important to develop critical and cognitive brain level also often rationalizes too much the individuals and this makes no new initiatives are taken and new forms of attack everyday problems that affect the quality of not attempting life : lack of economic independence , the need for higher revenues , the status quo , etc.

Even in academia there have been large empirical intellectuals that through personal creativity have made and given new tools to the natural and social sciences that of not be seen with new eyes and dreams, and a new and different angle would not have been possible for them to enter in a new stage of knowledge .

According to Dexter R. Yager S. considered the largest and most influential direct sales entrepreneur in the world ” Dreams are the fundamental fuel of life. When dreaming energy levels increase, helping to overcome obstacles and a clear focus for the future is created “, not simply to exist and conform with the conditions and the environment to which it is accustomed.

Progress comes principally of imagining and dreaming new possibilities and thus seek new methods to achieve these. An example, if you want to achieve a new level of life for you and your family , say owning a home with five bedrooms, out of debts, buy a new vehicle, travel and live without the traditional labor oppression and need for it an income equivalent of four to five times what you actually win, you can not pretend that doing your normal work or longer will take you to a new level of life with the compensation you receive for it .

In this case your different thoughts must necessarily take a look at different methods. Then you should get a part- time business activity to begin giving you an additional income , but through time becomes a main income multiplied to take you to get the new quality of life you dreamed .

A question arises above all of this that we have exposed, it is supposed that the whole world has big or small dreams, wheter persons with many education, small or with none, then which is the secret of those who achieve the dreams and what does separate them from the others that do not come?

There are four distinct , visible and distinct characteristics in people who achieve dreams and are : clarity, strength , flexibility and activity.

Clarity: a trained dreamer identifies agile and quickly what he wants and needs for his life.

Intensity: a dreamer trained has no desire, has specific needs and therefore set burning dreams and defined goals.

Activity: to establish defined burning and defined dreams and goals a trained dreamer knows this keeps him in constant action and will keep him plugging away until achieve what he has proposed with passion and enthusiasm . And for that he establish an Action Plan.

Flexibility: ” The targets are placed in cement and plans are put in sand.” This means that the goal if it is legal , moral and ethical it should not wobble , but the number of methods and attempts to do so may vary. If it is not flexible in these two final terms for any conquest is not possible to achieve anything of value , as important achievements in life do not come with a desire , not acting , not persevere without trying new ways of reaching .

Additionally, there are known techniques for thousands of successful testimonials to speed up the process of dreaming of trained form :


This technique is one of the most common and is highly recommended to always use it and when it is facilitate to the person more to create alive and representative images of what he or she wants to obtain and of how sees in present time being in the longed place, with all those persons or things that dreams.


The sounds are another important part of dreams. There are words and other kinds of sounds that occur in the dream environment. It is important to imagine in this context as a living testimony of what the future will bring.

Taste , smell, touch and emotions:

Highly kinesthetic people are more attracted to the emotions that a dream produced them , and can smell , taste and texture the environment , people and objects in their minds that accompany their dreams.


It is proved that the declaratioms are written statements in the present tense that are a very powerful anchor with subconscious suggestion, which makes the circumstances can be modeled through a mental programming sequence and neutralize the chaos that occurs in the events of the daily life towards dreams and goals chosen .

The ideal time is to use each and every one of these sensory modalities to activate the power of subconscious response that leads to facilitate present and future events where you go closer to achieving dreams and goals clearly defined .

For all the people this will be a different process to the extent that it is easier for some visualize , others can more easily imagine sounds and others develop other senses and emotions.

The statements generally can be exploited and practiced by any sensory profile. However it is important to make an effort to integrate all these modalities to accelerate the process.

In short, the power of dreams is to help anyone to achieve what he want, but should be done in a special way as do all trained dreamers  that have bequeathed us their secrets.

Below are a number of useful recommendations to become a trained dreamer and achieve dreams and goals:

  • Become aware that a major achievement has a starting point, ” dreams ” , thoughts are the mental part of the objects and the objects are the physical part of the thoughts . This proves that every thought will take physical form in one way or another .
  • Dream creatively is not desire and fantasize for a moment with ideal situations like many people momentarily do to escape from the painful reality but return to it without major changes.
  • Dream of a trained and creative way involves using all available resources to get what it is needed.
  • You must make of your dream a burning and urgent need . This is not going to happen someday merely by thinking about it .
  • Follow the steps recommended by experts : clearly identify what you need and want for your life , develops vivid dreams and goals to reach them , then set an action plan to achieve them and continue with the effort until to get  the objectives and be flexible with the methods and the number of attempts you employ to reach the proposed goals and with them the dreams you defined .
  • Use as many sensory modalities to imagine those dreams and make them real experience. The vizualization, hearing, touch, taste , smell and emotions. Also uses the power of the declarations.
  • Choose the best recommended resources to support your new business. Practice Education offers you the best training for developing , as you grow and evolution as a trained dreamer.
  • Reprogram your mind with powerful new information that comes from winners and experts in Human Development. If you think like you’re going to end up like you.
  • Start a part time business to achieve your material goals. Do not expect to realize significant economic changes in your life depending only on a salary and a job or a single source of income.
  • Today the best economic vehicle to solve your financial needs is the MLM Business of last generation that you can initiate and bring to fruition in a short time with accelerated economic performance.

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