The Principle of Investment for Business

The Principle of Investment for Business

Investment for business is vital for anyone who wants to develop independently through starting his own business, company or project.But this principle of investment for business escapes to mental and emotional understanding of the great mass of people that through knowledge and attitudes taught by the traditional educational system, look for money just by providing their time and mental abilities and physical.

Starting a business, a company or a venture requires seeing reality with different eyes, the eyes of the entrepreneur who first invest money, time, mental and physical resources so that his company start producing or yield results.

In traditional business for example, the investments usually are big bearing in mind that it must buy goods if one is intermediary and if it is an intermediary and is intended to sell products or to make them if it is thought to make one o more products, and in case of services offer the agreements or exemptions with suppliers also cost enough money and to work adequately it is necessary to to rent or hire a place, a headquarters or a warehouse, which already is an investment of considerable money for many.

Besides that you have to pay the running costs of the local as water, electricity, telephone , and monitoring , or administration if done within a shopping center,. This involves daily and monthly economic costs.

Additionally you also have to pay payroll so be it a single employee who is engaged, which means that the business has to produce to cover that expense or fees if multiple persons are hired as receptionists, secretaries, messengers, managers, coordinators , etc.

So here we have all the basic costs of traditional business and we did not include other costs such as payment of financial advisors, lawyers, cleanliness and others.

All these economic investments to a traditional business does not mean that this work produces enough to produce profits that are basically the positive difference between revenue and recurrent costs money. This clearly shows the risk component that occurs in any business.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of people who come from traditional education system which prepares people to collect money for their time and skills when they come to look or start a venture or business whether traditional , multilevel or online come into shock when they see besides time and education, they should also invest money in it steadily.

This then causes paralysis by analysis for most because they do not conceive that to make money permanently in a business they should invest as well to make this occur.

Yet those same people invest or have invested large amounts of money when it comes to educating for finding a job where it pays them for their time and skills.

Figures for vocational or technical graduate in any academic program of a university can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or the equivalent in local currency of each country .

There are also a number of businesses that involve minimal investment of time and money but still need discipline and consistency in the investment of time and money to produce significant results as: online business and MLM business online or offline.

Instead companies and economic groups that are taught to invest large amounts of money to grow and expand not question the principle of investment for business and act to raise funds and invest in their business, either through bank loans, leasing, trust funds or any other financial instrument at hand.

Many people when compared with large companies and business groups will object just an excuse, saying that these companies or groups can invest in their businesses continuously because money rains them to squirt or banks surrender to their feets, but gives the chance that they apply the same principle to invest to win in the present moment just as they did when they were starting their business and cash was scarce.

So that it is not a question of having privileges or buoyant economic situations to invest, it is a question of doing it with the little or much that is had in the own business to make it grow and to bloom.

Making an analogy practice a business, a company or an enterprise that begins resemble to a small plant that seed to make it grow.

The plant itself requires elements continuously to live, grow and stay. Water, air, sunlight and earth are vital for it. Accordingly the gardener or the people who take care of it so that the plant does not lack this fundamental balance of elements and will provide the care it needs adding: water, earth, light, air fertilizer even when it needs it.

In the same way a business operates, a company or a entrepreneurship. Only instead of the natural elements the business needs all its life and when it starts and it is especially weak the constant investment of money, time, talent and human services. This also applies to the modern business online business or MLM, but if we talk about a traditional business we must add the cost of infrastructure and place(s), staff, utilities, taxes, etc.

Many persons who enter to the business world with the inappropriate mentality product of their education and social environment, scare, get confused or take advice badly and cut the vital supply of the basic inputs of their business, company or entrepreneurship when more it needs it and go away to the bankruptcy moving back from the economic scene blaming others or to the business of their failure.

It is necessary to understand that risk management is primarily one of the primary qualities that a business owner, entrepreneur or businessman must implement, develop and grow.

And this involves investing money consistently as one of the fundamental requirements for the business to strengthen and prosper.

Another important point is to vigorously combat the mental programming of doubt and risk aversion which is thinking and acting with the model of traditional education where as an employee expect that the company is managed by others and are they who take the risk of investing money, while the employee is paid only for their time, knowledge and physical and intellectual capacities.

To change this mindset the best recommendation is to undertake an intensive staff training through self downloadable Practice Education resources or  books on topics: Self Help, Improvement and Human Development at least with a minimum frequency twenty minutes daily.

Also like most people starting a business or enterprise come from traditional work they also need to be associated with successful people that promote change habits and see the reality of their economic life with new eyes.

Especially for this multilevel business and online business provide valuable resources such as face seminars that are shared with national or international leaders or webinars when it comes to integrating a desk of many countries in real time.

Below are a number of useful tips to start and continue successfully in business:

  • Become aware that starting a business, a company or a venture requires a different type of mentality that you’re used to. Especially when your attitude has been shaped by the Traditional Education and workforce employment inciting fear , doubt and risk aversion.
  • Please keep in mind that investing constant money is to a business as food for the human body. Without such investment and reinvestment business will not survive.
  • Especially when the business starts and is in a period of consolidation, we are talking about the first two years you must invest with discipline and patience.
  • Treat your business as an economic priority that will multiply all your efforts and those of your workgroup.
  • Businesses are not lotteries where to invest money once you make millions effortlessly. You have to train you, placing: time, effort and persistence to run the project, not to see if it works.
  • Before going to build a business or a venture, especially if you do only examine their viability. To this is enough a comparison of real testimonies of success and the ability to have access to resources of constant education.
  • Generally businesses that have future have people giving testimonies of direct and honest way without makeup and warn that it is possible to earn good money as long as it is acting with preparation, discipline and perseverance. This is especially true for online MLM business, outside and online businesses.
  • For traditional business feasibility study should begin by the local market, level of competition , potential customers , the economic study of infrastructure, premises, facilities , personnel needed , credits, etc.
  • In either case starting business : traditional or modern not expect to collect all the data to see if you can not do, having a basic level of data is enough to jump in and correct the failures along the way.
  • Mistakes are valuable lessons to learn in business and propel , and who refuses to have it to do everything right to move on and not learn from them , stay out of the way.
  • Take advice from a competent team that give you new ideas to grow your business , entrepreneurship or business. First through expert in your particular area , after consultants in different fields affecting the operation of your business such as law, accounting , financial planning , insurance, etc.
  • Partner with leaders is essential to place goals that force you to grow, so attending meetings or masterminds face face-to-face or virtual.
  • Develop working groups with other entrepreneurs or businessman where all share experiences feeding back to the group.
  • Use the tools of the Practical Education as auto downloadable resources, books and seminars to strengthen your attitude and ability to solve everyday problems. And that education that gives you the expertise to promote the progress of your business and solve everyday challenges that arise.

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