The Value of Intuition


Intuition has been ranked as the sixth human sense and one of the most complex because no one knows exactly where it comes from and how it works though any normal person can attest its effects and warnings in different life circumstances.

Intuition is defined as the idea or advance notice of what is about to happen in the course of events in life. And this can be at: circumstances, concepts or effects caused by human interaction with the entire universe. This includes: people, animals, objects, natural elements, phenomena, etc.

Although the scientific community does not accept the whole concept of intuition as a sixth sense, considering that it has no exact measurement and do not know where it comes from or how it works, moreover while no scientist can deny their real and comforting effects, because more than once this mental, emotional and physical process has caused the greatest scientific discoveries, solved critical situations of life and death, and protected individuals throughout history have made the fatal decision varied fields of action: personal, work and social.

The explanation of this human phenomenon is in the evolution of the nervous system of the man who has experienced an adjustment for understanding the meaning of complex factors that intervene in an event and given moment of his life. And this happens as an extension of the same nervous central system that detects scarcely a part between billion of the energy of the way. And of the brain in his conscious part that it cannot register or detect to one more same time seven variables or chunks of information.

Intuition is an entirely unconscious  method because the nervous system takes recognition of many more variables of process information that the few who can capture the conscious part of the brain. And this is evidenced by medical patients in a hypnotic state where they are absent from their conscious faculties and can remember minute details of an event in its life that are impossible to record or go unnoticed by the conscious part of the mind because it ignores a lot of information of the mean to simplify to the brain to take decisions against all reality.

The proof that intuition is an unconscious process is the way in which this manifests itself that is through uncontrolled bodily sensations and surprising for example at the solar plexus ganglia region between the thorax, the abdomen and the tip of the sternum.

Once it happens the corporal sensation that warns the solution or synthesis of information, immediately the meaning of the facts is transferred to the conscious part of the brain and hence can be clearly understood and the solution to the problem or situation occurs.

The intuition is not a conscious ordinary process, this one only appears in the cases in which the information that is had to evaluate an event or concept is incomplete so that enter into the game the unconscious variables that synthesize better the approximate answer to reality the historical moment we live.

However there are many situations where the process of intuition is triggered, and is also the case when a person knows environments, places and new people. Without detailed knowledge to new people, places and environments nervous system synthesizes a conclusion of experience and transmitted to the conscious part of the brain either before or after the meeting to show meanings and make decisions.

Note that intuition is not a prejudice or operate such as this because the archives of the past experiences that have stored into the brain as we said is not part of a conscious process, but works through incomplete data to generate a real assessment of unfamiliar or complex situations.

In Create Global Future our team knows the case of a person who had a very strong manifestation of intuition and that through this sixth sense or nervous mechanism could save his life from an imminent emotional disaster.

This individual that we will call X fell in love blindly with another person of different sex and supported a very deep idyll for her during almost a decade and it was not corresponded of equal way as well knew it. Nevertheless he was pledging blindly partly for his inexperience in that the things were working or working since him he was wishing.

Though it is true on the other hand there were no clear evidences of which it was not suiting for him to claim completely this relation, since the other person also wanted to be with him but to her way and under conditions very different from those that X was claiming.

Since well this continued per years without solution until one night while X was visiting his supposed pair he had a very strong pain to level of the mouth of the stomach and received in seconds a message to his conscious mind where as he manifested to us it was indicated to him in an incisive and clear way that this person was not convenient for him and that it was not in any case the love of his life as he believed she was.

For him it was not easy to accept the reality of his supposed love but facts later confirmed that his intuition had helped him as this great person besides of feel nothing for him, was very unstable, immature and possessive, and not meet the values ​​and moral principles to establish a long-term relationship as he intended.

Thanks to this forced separation X could understand the reality of things beyond the blind proposals that it have with people, facts or events.

There are also special cases of the power of intuition in the lives of many people, for example in situations where we do not know whether to take a trip and upon receiving notice in seconds through the feeling body and meaning to the mind conscious  have saved tragedies in flight accidents that claimed the lives of others less the person who did not ignore the value of his intuition.

The scientists as we said they are generally skepticism before processes that they do not understand or cannot demonstrate prefer ignore them than to accept them, have been helped by the power of intuition repeatedly. For example we know of cases where problems with highly complex science that cannot be decrypted or consciously resolved, through a dream or receive inspiration directly receive the solution to the problem that so much it had revealed them.

Notable is the comment made about Albert Einstein one of the most powerful and influential minds in history when he said: “The intellect has little to do in the way of discovery. Response comes to consciousness, called intuition, the solution comes suddenly we do not know how or why. Really how valuable is intuition. “

In addition to skepticism by the concept of intuition in certain academic and social sectors, there is the other side of the coin and is the current of esotericism with people who claim to know interpret events and concepts that intuition of their customers already know.

For this, all kinds of fetishes are used: prayers, spells, card reading, snuff, hand, etc., to come up with the solution that the dubious customer says of the half solved problem, but he do not know his intuition is a natural process, special and reliable that does not need the help of speculators who profit financially with the ignorance of the concept.

Below are a series of recommendations to harness and use in life support of this important resource Intuition:

  • The first to unleash the power of intuition is to be clear that you want or what goal is looked in a particular event.
  • Having defined the problem or doubt then gather as many variables as possible to try to make a solution. And if in this case it is not possible to establish any end result you can make a mental statement bound to the subconscious or unconscious with confidence that the solution will come anytime to the mind.
  • Avoid predispose the solution appears immediately because the conscious mind wants it. And rather distracted by something else or other activities to reach the answer more quickly.
  • In the moment of the response to be attentive to the message. First one is in the habit of presenting a sharp sensation to level of the stomach and of there the advertisement to the conscious mind of the meaning of the event or problem that in a few minutes will appear with all clarity and it is good at the cases in which the problem is more complex to have to the hand a pencil and paper or any other technological mechanism that allows to copy and to check the response.
  • Become aware that intuition is not a conscious process and as such it does not obey a logical demonstration with variables of analysis that asks for the conscious part of the brain. . This uses the resources of the unconscious data collection system of the brain and nervous system to capture data that go unnoticed on a conscious level system.
  • Do not ignore the messages you receive from your intuition. Remember that this is due to an extended system of collection and synthesis of data that your conscious mind can not perceive.
  • If you are one of those skeptics who do not believe anything that rational thought cannot prove, learn to use mechanisms that work without proof, as in the case of your computer or cell phone that you use everyday but do not know exactly how it works the complexity of its internal mechanisms.
  • It is important the right mental programming to strengthen the power of intuition, for it not only have to define what you want out of a situation or event with certainty, but through repeated positive information through recommended resources you approach the result you want through your intuition and you will interpret and resolve problems or situations that arise, especially those that have no answers at present and may occur in the future.
  • If you use either skepticism or esotericism to deny or clarify the value of intention, you are basically giving up great tool that the Creator has placed in your nervous system to help in time of need system.
  • It is undeniable that also operates on intuition or involves a spiritual component, so activities such as prayer and meditation help to clarify as they comfort to the conscious mind.
  • In all those complex situations of your life the intuition will act, if you strengthen it and use its power to open ways, to find solutions and to unmask situations or personal or social relations in which your own senses and reason can cheat you when they are blocked up by the passion as in case of X that got involved per years in a relation that was not convenient for him, until his intuition established drastically the limits.

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