The Value of Perseverance

The Value of Perseverance

The perseverance is the foundation that joins an intention firm and defined with a tangible and awaited reality.

So perseverance is defined as continuity or continuous exercise of a particular activity to achieve a goal or a clearly defined goal.

For some perseverance is understood and assimilated to a heavy duty made buy some people struggling with strong will to achieve a goal which is not completely secure or at least partially convinced.

In others  perseverance makes key with discipline leading people to achieve goals and dreams beyond any expected outcome.

The difference between both cases is in the form in which they do the trip toward the achievement of aims. Some that strain voluntarily and heavily due to the managing of the doubt and uncertainty, without knowing if what they are doing or it will not take them to the proposed destination, and others go with the automatic pilot position and there are imposed a few big goals that seduce them and take them by mean of the discipline and the unconscious action to achieve increasingly major successes.

Perseverance has been the hallmark of all great men and women throughout history, and also the condition that was most notable in historic achievement of all social, economic and scientific remains over time.

In fact no real goal personal, family or social can be achieved and consolidated but for this tremendous power hidden in minds and hearts of men and women courageous, determined and enterprising.

Notable is the comment made about the value of perseverance over any qualities to succeed by the great businessman and founder of the global chain of franchises McDonald’s, Ray Kroc in his autobiography when he states: “Persevere, nothing in the world can replace persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.Genius will not, unrewarded genius is proverbial. Education will not, the world is full of educated human wreckage. Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent. “

Today this truth remains as true as it has been and will be to achieve any dream and important goal of human existence.

Unfortunately the thought of modern society is largely going against the development and implementation of perseverance. Not as far as education is concerned because the academic system continues to teach and students graduating through years of instilling goals, work and discipline.

Rather, this argument is based on current pace of life and the comforts and “opportunities” of modern life which seeks to obtain much from little and instantly if it can, as for example with the purchase of lottery and where gambling is seeking the luck that has not been achieved or can be achieved in a stable and secure way through the clear definition of goals, commitment, creativity, discipline and perseverance.

And much of the lack of perseverance in many people is due to the impact of the consumer society fueled by easy purchases through credit or plastic card debt, where if someone wants something does not have to define clear goals, engage and work for it, just a matter of knowing what it want and go to get it immediately. With the promise of convenient payment tomorrow.

Added to this is also the fact that modern man is born and lives in a society where there are most simplistic everyday things that previous generations achieved with work, effort and perseverance, and today are obtained quickly if not instantly at the touch of a button as heat food in seconds with a microwave, watch TV pushing buttons on a remote control, etc.. And although the technology is for making life easier for a man, also it is to develop a passive lifestyle where everything comes easy without planning for the future and strive, and therefore if these amenities are finished or failing the individual cancels itself because it is not prepared to respond to the changes of life.

Perseverance is one of the basic principles of success and an agent is immutable and non-negotiable when it comes to achieving great goals and so also is the guarantee to learn well the lessons of the way to learn to manage those goals.

So the first step to develop perseverance is necessary clearly to define the goals, what is to be achieved, how long, and how.

When a person knows where it is going and that dream or goal is ardently desired, then he has a very large energy level that will start and will give a great deal of reservation to endure and to reach the goal.

Precisely the ardent desire and the clear goals lead to the commitment and this one to the discipline and this one to perseverance.

But when it does not have a clear idea of ​​what is being done, the level of motivation and action are low and unstable leading to poor results or quickly abandon the chosen path.

This one is the case of many students who choose a university career for the economic, familiar or social convenience and later if they finish this profession they are not outlined and live frustrated because they could not be realized in what indeed they wanted.

So too many of these unfortunate students drop out of school prematurely because it was not what they expected or motivated them. And the root cause was not defined exactly what they wanted or if they did not defended until reach it.

It follows as we said at the beginning that there are two classes of perseverance the one that turns into a heavy duty to expiring with a very high dose of willpower for not knowing exactly what is wanted or to be doing anything that really is not wanted and that perseverance that has been produced by a clear vision of the aim, a commitment with obtaining it and this originates an intention of life that produces passion, discipline and an automatic perseverance up to coming to the proposed destination.

However this does not mean that the road is easy, but if the proposed target produces a sense of identity, commitment and perseverance stimulus will be much simpler and permanent, and not have to rely on willpower or obligation that produce a totally different level of perseverance and poor draining, although someday achieve the objective.

There is also a test of endurance known as “the extra mile” or “conqueror test” that usually occurs as a crucial test before achieving an important goal, and walk the last space of perhaps the strongest way, the more demanding and more uncertain because it seems that the goal is impossible. But it is not and only those winners who have very clear from the beginning the goals and are fully committed to their mission, persevere in action and come and conquer the prize. Those who fail to do so most fall by the wayside or if they make a point to persevere but under compulsion, with a very high level of wear and frustration because they realize it was not what they were looking for.

From the power of perseverance motivated by a dream defined, clear and large it give people in principle common that have come to occupy prominent places in society as great statesmen, artists, athletes, the big capitalists, entrepreneurs, scientists, writers , outstanding professionals and good people that contribute with their dreams, great example and effort to social causes or make of this world a kinder place and worthy for all.

Let us see some practical suggestions to develop and cultivate the power of perseverance:

  • Learn to clearly define your goals. Especially when dealing with dreams, goals and objectives that affect your life and your future significantly, and for this we suggest using the first of our recommended resources at the end of this article.
  • Once defined the goals and objectives commit to constant and consistent action.Although this is an unconscious neurological process inherent to every goal that stimulates and builds the human being, it does not exceed to remember it to have present during all the way that the royal commitment does not do part simply from a voluntary effort but of an immense energy that comes on behalf of an ardent desire of achievement.
  • Develop the perseverance for motivation, not for obligation. Therefore visualizes daily your fulfilled aim and repeats mentally a verbal declaration where it is clear in the present moment that you have come to him. This is done because for the brain it is not a future time. Everything happens here and now. And when you meet submitted to the test of the “extra kilometre” remember your positive motivations and continues in the action up to coming.
  • Keep in mind that even today there are huge advances in terms of technology to facilitate communication, and business life beyond belief, this does not replace the value of perseverance to achieve things and should not replace it because it is part of all achievement stable and important in life.
  • One of the best ways to develop persistence is to practice regular exercise routine and possibly be high performance. Because this is a catalyst for progress in other parts of your life where you may not have or have not developed this strength.
  • Another important aspect is to recycle everyday situations and events that strengthen your belief in the goals. For this use resources and books to keep your focus and your dream alive. It is advisable to do this with a frequency of at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Maintain a healthy balance in your parts: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, because each of these independent parties have needs that need attention and dedication, and affect your performance as a whole in a comprehensive way.
  • Associate with positive people who have a healthy life and are in the course of achieving goals and build future for themselves and their families.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “The Value of Perseverance”, know and use the following:

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