The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

One of the most important and complex issues that have human development is to provide efficient and effective methods for handling the errors of the past, those who make a person at different times throughout his life.

Many people are mentally and emotionally blocked for various situations in his past in which intentionally or unintentionally made mistakes and acted as not expected. Whether for a group that waited another result, for another person or themselves.

The situations that lead to this conflict can range from the most diverse classes as a disappointment in love, an academic frustration, loss of opportunities for advancement, have spent much time trying to help someone who did not let, the loss of a business, not being able to help someone in need, etc.

Generally an  unresolved error in past can lead to a phobia or tortures and imprisons complex than the person who has it, and this is felt strongly in two of the four areas of influence of the human being to serve and live in this world who are: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. In this case, affect mental and emotional areas of the individual, so you can not envision new horizons and to believe in new possibilities.

Mistakes as many successful authors say are different results than initially scheduled.However in most cases a person agrees with an expected result emotionally without establishing a plan of action to accommodate unexpected situations, and in their eagerness to get what they expected both bold acts without having to hand other options to achieve the objective, and that is when the error comes and the unintended result that frustrates and stops.

One of the things we teach in advising our clients at Create Global Future, is that the actions taken by a human being  must be based on principles and moral and ethical values ​​such as integrity, honesty, family, solidarity, etc.., but not be seen as infallible or absolute methods.

That is, plans or actions to be executed must be flexible according to the situations that arise, but the dreams and goals should not be as flexible action plans, because they are providing power to act and give direction on the road. A sleep or objective can be achieved in different ways.

Because of this many times counterproductive methods employed by the traditional education of rejection and psychological punishment when students do not get a note outstanding practice generated in adult life serious consequences for progress, because usually in the classrooms of a school or a university lesson is taught first and then applied on the test to treat as not to fail and be penalized if it fails, but in real life often happens in reverse, first comes the test, then the lesson is learned.

Moreover, although dreams and goals are clearly defined to act in real life, you can not do the same with the options that are to achieve, especially because you always have to give a margin of error so that things do not occur as expected.

Look at this with a real case:

A person called X wants to study a career that is struck with the dream or goal of being a great professional, say Electronic Engineering. This person is in the right age 18-20 years to come to study in a higher education program day and no major financial obligations because he still lives in his parents’ house.

In the process X chooses a certain college studying very high academic standards and although X is an intelligent person, in his former high school educational process is not prepared as it needs the new teaching center. But he does not know this and emotionally committed simply a method not known and an uncertain outcome.

As a consequence of this X studies 5 semesters of the chosen career but it manages to see matters ultimately that exceed his capacity, after repeated attempts for approving them, paying even additional courses to achieve it.

This makes X be silent and frustrated, feel inferior to their peers and to withdraw from the university to seek a solution to the problem.

After a year of working without studying, X decides to permanently stop the race you chose initially, but although this reduces economic losses to continue in college who had a different academic level than I had thought, it produces later an inferiority complex that socially marginalized.

Nevertheless two years after moving back of studying X knows in his work and begins friendship with companions who study the career of Administration of Companies and one of them gives him a book that to X is called him the attention.

At first read this book X transiently but realizes that there is information that is very interesting and appropriate for troubleshooting and cash flow management. Whereupon X investigates more about this race and attaches himself to the books of matter, discovering a new vocation and passion.

And another year passes for him to take with this new interest the firm decision to consider a new career, but this time it is in a college night and very importantly, an analysis of what went wrong on his part in his previous career and start again. But it makes it clear that his goal is to be professional in something he feel highly competent and his passion. So finally realizes that actually identified more with the new career that that he chose at first.

Five years later at the age of 28 years X receives his degree and is now a qualified executive of an important company, and with a valuable lesson that will project forward to weigh the choices he make in his life.

Two questions after reviewing this case common to many students in different parts of the world live this situation are:

1. Were X aware that the race he started was really what he wanted to do in life in professional terms?

The answer is yes. For the level of knowledge and boundaries that had at that time, that was the best option I had.

2. Was it a mistake to try an activity that waste time and money?

Not because though he was a time trying something about what he was thinking that it was the best choice, this led it to investigate a new branch of the knowledge that would give him better options and conditions, which took it to a deep reflection with regard to his real potential and to fulfill his dream in life that was from the beginning to be a great professional.

In terms of time and money spent, the lesson learned by X will allow him  to reduce similar losses  or major losses in his life, in another epoch of his life, with which it will recover that one that seemingly lost.

Notice that this dream did not change all the time, but the action plans, varied academic careers to reach the goal.

Although it is clear that there are many situations in life that offer different variations and much larger problems, this real-life case we analyze about the winning attitude with Past Wrongs emerge some important recommendations:

  • An error can be as such for a given context in a place and time. But the same error is not valid when the information has changed and provides another view and new methods to make new things that were previously ignored.
  • Although a mistake can be very hard to beat, keep in mind that the situation is relative to time, place and context and therefore what matters is to learn new ways to tackle the problem and achieve the intended purpose.
  • Do not confuse dreams and goals that should be permanent with action plans and options that are temporary and flexible.
  • Keep human activities at a reasonable level of achievement. Nobody ever has all the advantages to make things as perfectly as they could do and there are always new knowledge to be learned, not only in a particular discipline but in all branches of human knowledge.
  • Do not enter into competition with other people when it comes to go your own way.No one else has your skills and your talents, and how long you delay achieving your goals and dreams is an issue that no one else is responsible.
  • Do not engage emotionally with an option to achieve your dreams until you have a plan of action to accommodate possible errors and how to remedy them. While that includes dropping this route chosen to achieve your dream, goal or objective.
  • Do not be an idealist at all costs. That’s a typical thought in traditional education system where you can not make mistakes. In practical life we ​​must learn when desist any activity that does not offer a reasonable achievements of attempts to find new options to maximize our performance.
  • Assume your responsibility when you make a mistake by act or omission, learn the lesson and makes a determination not to repeat it again in the future to avoid further inconvenience.
  • Know that wisdom is providing invaluable errors and are a powerful weapon to deal with situations and to pioneering moments in life where they can be very adverse circumstances.
  • One of the most critical reasons why people do not achieve their goals is that they have no one to consult or take as a counselor or mentor, a person who has gotten where you want to go, and who are willing to share their knowledge with others. So in Create Global Future you can count on resources highly valuable to help you walk through your path advised by the best Coaches or trainers in Human Resource Development.

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