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Time and money are narrowly related in the life of every human being who lives in a modern society across the mutual exchange of his time with products and / or services for money or in a higher degree when already his money obtains for him quality of time, which is the one that a person enjoys to do what he wishes in legal, moral and ethical terms without having to work for earning a living.

It is clear that other beings that inhabit the universe with us, both animate and inanimate like animals, vegetables do not need money as an instrument of exchange of goods and services as they obey other natural order to live. However they are affected by the passage of time so as ourselves they born, grow, reproduce and die.

In the case of human being specifically his time costs money and while it is in this world he must invest constantly time being employed at his chosen profession or vocation to obtain money and to pay with it his way of life and obligations corresponding to every responsible adult, either to survive or to take a better life.

But this does not depend only upon working very hardly spending time that is a limited resource to obtain money but of optimizing time in order that money works intensively in a function of time.

For men in general the passage of time affects three vital elements that once exhausted, one, two or all there is no chance of living a quality of life. And they are: health, youth and intelligence.

Due to this ignorance many persons in the world waste these three natural wealths in epochs of their life where they should use them in a responsible and brightened way to construct an economic free future at least if their interest is not to construct wealth, for not living through a difficult life in his oldness, and as result of it many lives in this world suffer the rigors of the economic difficulties in an age where his health staggers, the youth has gone away and the intelligence decreases increasingly.

To this certainly it adds the fact that some other persons in the world do not come to an advanced age by mortal diseases or premature death as consequence of a wild life and abuses against health in: vices, stay up late, bad supply, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

In general the productive life of men and women on average starting at their twenties and ends about sixty-five. However there are those who continue working by necessity of sixty-five years and older.

According to statistics of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare of the United States at sixty-five years of every hundred people:

  • One is rich.
  • Four have economic independence.
  • Five have to work out of necessity.
  • Fifty-four depend on someone else to meet their basic needs: family, government, donations, etc.
  • Thirty-six have died.

This clearly shows the adverse relationship between time and money that exists in the vast majority of people who do not care about building a stable economic future or at least to have a level of vented life that provides basic needs in their late adulthood.

There are also a number of attitudes and ways of thinking that people make about the life, time and money. And it amply defines the basis of achievements that everyone gets to shape their destiny. While it is true that there are certain people in intermediate points, three trends are observed or defined in greater and lesser of the great mass of population:

Life is to enjoy it and live the day because tomorrow is not sure.

In this category there are those that submit basically to the pleasures of all kinds over a planned, moderate and sober life. They spend all the money that comes to them while they have health, do not value the use of time and pitifully as they want or think, in the least well-considered moment life surprises them with a severe called either in health, economy or in their personal integrity or they develop a terminal or accelerated illness, they stay in the economic ruin and turn into a load for themselves and their family living of the charity or they die for accidents or another series of disasters.

Money is not important, it is only to pay basic expenses or an acceptable standard of living instead Education is more important.

In this other category are normally found the vast majority of people who have been trained in the traditional education system, which values more highly education, profession, specialization and recognition over their own economic future. Therefore this kind of individuals generally employed acceptably manage time but settle for a high security to survive or access for a good living wage, but giving priority to education and recognitions. And they prefer do not take responsibility for their time to build their economic future independently, instead leave it to third parties or to external entities such as pension and severance funds.

Money is important and time more because it is a resource that is not recovered.

Finally in this category are the entrepreneurs, men and women of small, medium and large companies which assume responsibility for the use of their time to build an economic present and future and living a life based on the conquest of dreams, not only in payment obligations. And even they appreciate education and recognition they prefer practical education that gives them immediate resources to troubleshoot of  their personal and work life.

Additionally these people appreciate their health as fundamental to a good life and know that without it is not possible to enjoy any kind of material achievement.

This group especially better understand the relationship in life between time and money and respect money because they know that it represents their health, energy and time, scarce goods that can be finished rapidly depending on the misuse they are given, so many of them with new technologies learn from mentors or people who can model or imitate to avoid making the same mistakes that have cost money and time to others and to multiply their capital making their money work for them as soon as possible.

One of the key points to match time and money in the words of the renowned guru of practical finance Robert Kiyosaki is to start a part time business preferably in the multilevel industry because this is the faster and more effective business to take control of time and money, especially because it does not require large investments of these two elements to start and because it has the guidance and mentorship of experts who teach how to do it without making costly mistakes.

The following are some useful recommendations to harmonize time and money:

  • Time is vital and scarce resource for human beings. Nobody knows how long will live and wasting time doing activities to waste and harm himself it´s a very expensive charge that life sooner or later will charge to anyone.
  • Money is a great tool for survival as stated by the renowned American businessman of real estate Donald Trump and is a great ally of time to the extent that well spent and multiplied can free up time for other productive activities without the yoke of having to work for a living.
  • Money represents time, health, intelligence and energy of anyone. No respect it means a lifetime of complications and financial constraints.
  • If you want a better economic future ardently you must learn to prioritize tasks and time on productive projects and work with dedication, energy and enthusiasm while you develop an economic base. Not invest mainly in amusement, rest and relaxation.
  • Associate yourself primarily with productive people. Share time with those who wasted both time and money and have bad habits is a very dangerous risk to your present and future life.
  • Manage time and money wisely is a skill that can be developed. In case of the time it is a matter of prioritizing the tasks and activities that provide development and quality of life. This does not mean than rest and fun are not part of a reasonable use of time but not in extreme as those who invest more time doing that.
  • And in the case of money learn the skills to get, invest and multiply it. Especially because this will help you not only to have quality of life as health, youth and intelligence. But also in advanced age when health care cost as much as the inability to work for earning a living will be facts of life.
  • Practical Education is the key to manage these two key resources in life. And to this recommended resources both Financial Education Practice as Time Management can help you tremendously.
  • Start your own part time business if you are employed or if you are independent and do not have a fixed monthly budget to invest deducting basic expenses and obligations.

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