Unemployment an Opportunity for Looking with New Eyes the Economic Reality

Unemployment an Opportunity for Look with New Eyes the Economic Reality

The unemployment turns into a raw and challenging reality for those that are not ready to change his way of thinking and to gain money, and of establishing new exits to a crisis that is already generalized in the whole world.

In all the economies of the world the unemployment is present and the only thing that the governments can do is to mitigate or to reduce his growth in a few digits, extending the sources of employment that can give him for a relating to the moment situation of one o more sectors of the economy that on this specific moment experiment growth or expansion.

But the reality of bottom of the unemployment goes far beyond of not being able to manage a work as employee, to obtain a salary, to wait to ascend for the corporate stairs of a company and to do voluntary contributions to live some day of a pension.

The world in general has experienced incredible changes as for interchange of goods and services, and one of these engines it has given the great jump in communications that have contributed both the creation of equipments of last technology and portable computers increasingly small, powerful and efficient, the broad band, the intelligent telephones of last technology, the super highway of information Internet and the virtual resources that allow to take messages in multimedia, image, voice and information in seconds to any place of the world where there exists a computer that has a connection to Internet.

And what means all this operative power in terms to solve the life of many persons who continue sticking to the employment as the exit and the safety source of an economy increasingly spoiled with so much unemployment?

Well, technological revolution which we discussed its main agents, is responsible for managing in an optimized way like never before exchanging goods and services between the countries around the world. And for that razon the ability to earn money growing steadily and is quite high. And it’s like one megatrend few economic opportunities very difficult to terminate or to monopolize.

But these opportunities of the new cyberspatial economy involve a change of constant mentality and an adjustment accelerated to the new rules of game where a well remunerated work has the great possibility of being paid and executed from the comfort of the home or of a site of not definite work; instead of taking a fixed headquarters since it is had by the hierarchy and the labor traditional bureaucracy.

The employment as principal source of income, is since we have explained along several articles the consequence of the thought supported by the Industrial Age where the specialization of knowledge was looked since it happens with the education that many teaching institutions continue giving  as the universities and the entail in mass of these pupils classified to the most representative companies of the economic sectors in every country.

Unfortunately this is already an economic model in process of extinction and economically infeasible to solve the job security of the masses due to the following reasons:

  • In the world there is a big problem compared to the traditional professions and sustainability of jobs for them and is that different countries face a problem of excess population and professionals in different careers.
  • The recognized companies  as the multinationals or transnational first that are engines of the economy for questions of economic losses caused by innovative strategies of his competitors they have dismissed instead of linking thousands of efficient new and ancient employees.
  • Other times the companies meet obliged to realize Downsizing’s processes or massive dismissal of employees for becoming more efficient with the resources that they possess and to have to produce more with less.
  • On the other hand the economic growth of a country is never consistent with the professionals’ offer that the educational system offers. Reason for which professional many must resort to the informality, doing all kinds of economic activities that have to see nothing with his profession, since handle vehicles of public service, sell clothes, jewels, etc. Or also to penetrate of empirical form into professions as the gastronomy, the trade, etc.
  • And many graduated students who have economic obligations must pay educational credits of long term or have economic obligations in ascent still being employees and having a stable work they do not manage to compensate the basic expenses of his family because they must distribute his salary with the backward payment of academic and personal obligations or debts and arrange the rest to survive.
  • The manpower in many countries has met also highly affected because many recognized companies of international area contract companies in Outsourcing’s modality that working places eliminate and do the work of the whole department to costs reduced in comparison with that of a regular list and equally it happens with the contracting of individual manpower for many companies as for example in countries as the India where highly competent professionals contract with wages far below of the average of the country where the company operates commonly.

Nevertheless with all these factors that increase dramatically the rate of unemployment, the good news is that the companies do not tend to be ended but in view of the global possibilities that the technological advances have brought, the new option is to provide sources of income that compensate economically the workers who already will not need in many cases to be subject to a strict schedule and to go to a fixed headquarters of work for twenty or more years of work.

Also it is necessary to say that the employment will continue being a primary source of income for many persons that nevertheless the new rules of the age of the information will continue believing that his only reliable source of income is to follow the method of income of which there lived many persons of the past generations and to trust in the retirement as the goal to enjoy his last years income that often will be below his standard of living. And in enough cases also with the critical depletion of inestimable and unpurchasable resources like the time and the health.

Now then, it is not that the employment is a social or economic disadvantage since there exist many very well full employees and others that maybe without winning very well love his work and contribute with great development to the company, but the problem here is clarify in that given the technological conditions and of the world economy already it is not the solution to the economic safety of the individuals and his families.

And this it demonstrates fully the offices of employment of many countries crammed with desperate unemployees who believe that the old system of hoping that the government and the private sector solve the problem of economic safety has not changed necessarily with the new rules of the Age of the Information.

The new offer is that if a good employment is had, so very well for the fact of gaining experience, supporting an occupation and of having a labor definite position. But as alternative it is necessary to to have a part-time business that contributes another economic entry to the personal or familiar economy. And being able to administer and invest these resources that produce passive income in order that if the employment is ended, for any reason of those who could happen: change in the managerial dome of the company, massive dismissal of employees for restructuring, falls in the national or global economies, irremediable disagreements with the immediate superior, definite forward contract, etc.,does not affect the own economy.

And in these business options to the employee and still unemployed worker we have a great range of possibilities: from the business on line where there can be sold digital own products, to sell them of others, up to the business multilevel on line with the whole created infrastructure or since it is called ” business of return of key ” where everything is ready in order that the new businessman starts. Simply it must have a short lapse of time in his home with a computer and a connection to Internet. And this turns these business options into very serious and profitable opportunities of income.

Certainly that also are as profitable option the business of physical products of domestic manufacture or of resale of products finished as textiles, goldwork, or of services as consultancies, etc. And also the business in network of big companies recognized in the way of the direct sale.

Nevertheless the business that derive his economic productivity of the marketing of physical products are much more demanding in time and effort that those who are based on digital products, which are based on new technologies that simplify the process of client – seller contact and optimize of significant form the time that it is necessary invest to see sustainable results.

Later we will expose some useful orientations to improve the mind and the economic results of the unemployed ones:

  • Takes clear conscience of which according to the new conditions of the world economy, your economic future is not a task of the condition, of the government of shift, of a company, of a pension fund, not of anybody more except of your self and which you do for it.
  • To change your economic results first you must change first your thoughts and mental habits. For this you must begin a program of mental intensive training in Human Development and Overcoming that will help you to remain stablly and creativly before difficult situations of the life through autodownloadable resources and books that modify your paradigms, to go on from a mentality of subsistence and dependence to a mentality of abundance and independence.
  • The adaptability is an indispensable condition for the success and still to survive in this one the Age of the Information and as nothing it uses to refuse, to refuse or to escape of the changes that come.
  • The best remedy is to adapt and to cashed in on the situations turning them into opportunities.
  • The Financial Education also is extremely necessary when one speaks of happening from an depedent-employee´s  mentality to one from businessman or enterprising – independently. With this information you will learn to manage adequately your flow of income and to be able to invest to create passive income for your life.
  • Read minimum fifteen daily minutes of the information that the autodownloadable resources bring so much as of the books recommended at least in a period not low to six months. This because the new information needs time to neutralize and to substitute the bounding models who have taken you years in constructing and affirming your current way of life.
  • The employment is and it will continue being a source of primary income for many persons. But not this way opposite to the economic and labor safety. As before the aggressive changes of the world and internal economy of the countries the measures like the massive reduction of personnel and the completion of contracts of work it is inevitable.
  • Begin to construct an additional revenue to your work and profession for instance doing a serious online business. This can do to him in the not labor schedule 6 pm to 10 a.m. pm. While many persons use this schedule to spend the time in another class of personal activities you will be creating an economic new future for you and your family.
  • Use for this the business on line as one of the most agile, rapid, effective and sure forms to initiate a change in your income and a support for your economic current situation. (See recommended resources).
  • Associate with successful leaders who have created own prosperous business and search anxious and enterprising friends who have good habits of life and who force you to overcome you. If you associate with similar and sceptical persons that the only thing for that they wait is that the condition or a pension fund takes charge of them to live after old men, you will not come very far in terms of a new economic life and you will be exposed as them to the changes of the market and of the economy where today a work is had and if tomorrow they change the conditions you can remain without anything.

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