Use of statements, as Tools to Overcome

Use statements, as Tools to Overcome

Statements are a very important part of human development and improvement.

But like any tool of continuous improvement to provide better quality of life from its frequent use in the human mind, affirmations or declarations need to be properly understood and used.

A statement or objective statement is a sentence that mentally or verbally are said in present tense for a desired event in the life of its user.

Statements reinforce the power of intention in alliance with the universal forces and both will produce a desired result.

However, the vast majority of people underestimate this power because they believe this falls into a land of speculation as to what his many senses detect is real, not otherwise exist or is better not mess with something unknown.

To begin we must start with a very basic principle but effective, and that our understanding of the universe and all its manifestations far beyond our limited models of perceiving and for that reason there are always new ways to achieve the results we seek in any field in which we perform it personal, social or occupational functioning.

And one of these are the mental statements about we wish to become reality outside to ourselves.And when I say external reality is simply framing a concept of what happens outside of our mind, but what happens in our thoughts certainly is part of a physical reality identical to confirm an event which we deeply yearn.

The testimonies of men and women worldwide success through history are overwhelming and have used all of them at one time or another in their lives when they sought to obtain a goal.

According to our experience in creating a global future for affirmation or declaration is effective in time and space requires two fundamental and critical components, which are: the repetition and emotion .

1. Repetition:

As the statements, are a method of training the mind and arrange it to the occurrence of an incident or event, I will make a parallel with a method or exercise to illustrate better refiero.Suposse you want to have a flat stomach and marking and have a coach or trainer that suggests a routine of three months doing abdominal exercises fifty a day for six days a week.

Initially you have a mental picture of how you’d look with that ideal figure very excited and start (a) to perform the exercises. In fact the first few days or weeks can you do abs not fifty but sixty or more, and everything seems to be going in the right direction. But the fifth week you are tired of it and decide to do it every other day, until the tenth week and thereafter until week twelve you complete the daily exercises once a week or less. And when the verification of progress you realize that the results are poor, you still have belly and that could have been much better.

Well what I show you is the same as with the use of the statements, in the minds of many people.

Many are enthusiastic about a better future and a goal they want to reach and attend a motivational seminar or read a book, or talk to an expert escuhan or business leader on the power of the statements and begin to do their part to achieve the desean. But as your mind is not trained in the repeated use of statements lose enthusiasm and not see immediate results or in the short term, leaving the daily mental exercise or espacean for days or even weeks, thinking it sense and to keep talking to themselves and the universe to produce a result is a psychiatric condition that can lead to dementia. So fail and not reach the expected goal, and then reaffirmed in their belief that it is best not to do or believe in the statements are demagogues of liars and charlatans.

2. Emotion:

Any goal or objective must be accompanied with intense and desire emotions such as joy, passion, positive expectations and a burning desire. Without these key subjective components will be very difficult to maintain a commitment to facilitate focusing and you stay on track with obstacles and adversity.

I want to tell you that mental statements are not only work but result will be very important not only for goals and dreams, but it will provide them with a special focus to keep the direction of your goals in a world like this where there is so much dispersion of ideas and so much negative information about every day to get you on your way to success.

As testimony to tell you that Create Global Future members have used this power for more than five years in a disciplined manner every day, at least once a day and the results have not been wait for all levels to the whole group.

Now, starting from the base so that the statements, are a simple and effective method to reach the proposed goals, how to do and on what terms perhaps?

Well, then I’ll talk about how to implement it.

  1. Set a realistic goal, achievable and highly motivating to produce a strong emotion and permanent and visualize the best possible outcome. For example a car or a house you like within a budget range you can afford working hard over the next one to two years. Other examples are: pay all debts, going on holiday, make an investment, lose weight, learn to speak in public effectively, start your own business, etc..
  2. Write a statement of the event you want to occur in the present tense, not too short or too long. They can be about ten to twenty words.
  3. Repeat the statement after reading for a week before going to sleep at night and in the morning when you wake up and before you start your work day.
  4. Forget time. This means you are not in a race expected to achieve this reality. What you do is appropriate mental exercise and act quickly in the physical world.
  5. Take every sign he approaches the goal, because you will be warned (a) internally on the actions you should take in a given time and take you to achieving your goal or objective.
  6. Understand that as exercise for the body and produce noticeable results stable if practiced regularly for the mind and brain daily reading of books that motivate such as self-help and self-improvement and the use of the statements at least once on day extraordinary events occur in your life and are the best exercises to train your mind, who is directly responsible for getting you where you want in life.

Finally I will say that there are two types of statements, you should keep in mind and apply to your human development and achieve your goals.

a. Statements are Appreciation:

What are those where you recognize and grateful for what you already have to the creator.The abundance present in you in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

It is very important before asking something to do this because I reaffirmed to the universe as being abundant and easier and you will get what you order quickly.

b. Statements are in order:

They are what you crave define an event and you want to see manifested in exterior. That is out of your mind.

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